Happy New Year!…Day 1

1st January 2014 Happy New Year to anyone who wishes to read!

Today is the first day of 2014 and with 365 days to fill in a year where I am completely and utterly terrified of,  I have decided to share my year with the internet.

I do not have any expectations for this blog, I suspect I will hardly get any followers but I am doing this mostly for myself. To have achieved and finished something that I thought I would never be able to create. . . I should not get too far ahead of myself its only the first day.

At this moment in time I am still unsure of anything specific I am going to blog about, I know noting about fashion nor food so at first it might just be a mish mash of what I find interesting before I find my bloggers feet. But what I have agreed on in my head is that I will show you bits of my diary/journal. Like today( the picture on the left).

I had been looking for a great diary to use for this blog and the one that I had my heart set on was a journal called  The Hobonichi which is a Japanese journal that is a very popular book in Japan therefore only exists there…so after a few hours trawling through shops and discarding all diaries as they were either too small, had too many lines or just were not right I settled on a journal from Waterstones it was £11.00 has a white cover and in big bold writing says My White Book. I thought it was perfect as it has a title page and page numbers which really makes it a beautiful little journal. I also bought the wine and bottle stickers from Ryman’s at £1.25 and I think they really cover the new year spirit.

Anyway, as I said in my diary, It has been a quite but perfect new years day. I did not know what would come of today but watching a few films, eating a tonne of chocolate, my mums best roast dinner to date and not stepping a foot outside has eased me into a year where ahead just feels blank. Tomorrow I will get down to the nittygritty of what I want to really archive this year, but right now I am happy to relax 🙂

Till tomorrow, Good night,

Love L



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!…Day 1

  1. Hi L, first of all a very happy new year to you and I wish your efforts in this new year become fruitful and nothing comes your way that causes stress and frustration. Next, Im myslef a person who enjoys writing journals and blogging. I am new to word press but quite famous at blogspot but that does not matter. Seriously. And I am following your blog because I like the simplicity of your writing and would love to know what you went through every day on the other side of the planet 🙂
    You can follow me too and read what I am upto ! Take your time and enjoy life.~

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