Day 2!

Tie up 2nd and 3rd with a little red bow

Tie up 2nd and 3rd with a little red bow

Dear Diary,

I said I would talk about my ambitions for this year. I usually go too far and have dreams that I will never reach. I am going to take a leaf from last year resolution, where I told myself just to keep working in my industry and get contacts. I did it and now love my job. Soooo this year I am technically stepping it up a bar. Here is my list of things I would like to achieve.

          Write  a blog … This is self-explanatory

          Go to America…I just have that craving, something is pulling me out there and I want to find out what it is.

          Write more of my book… I have an epic idea; however I just can’t seem to jot it down.

          Go to NZ… To see my family, ideally I would love to go for Christmas.

          Spend new year somewhere other than my hometown

          Work out where I want to go next in my job… this could last a lifetime.

          Figure out why I feel lost… Maybe the above will help this one out, maybe the deal breaker of the year.

All bar one I feel I am able to do these challenges in a year; It would be great not to feel lost or have to feel I need a purpose, but something is missing. Last year I worked and worked I don’t think I had a proper weekend, so this year I am going to take the time to care for the part of me that feels lost. WOW that’s a lot of feelings in there!

P.s I thought that I would add that because my journal does not have enough days for the whole year, I am splitting the pages. I have decided that I will only post what I write when I have completed both sides. I could not help putting a little picture up tho 🙂


Love L


One thought on “Day 2!

  1. I wish you all the best so that you meet your every resolutions. Self motivation is the best deal because when we hit July we are so exhausted that we hardly remember where I wanted to be and where I have reached. I hope this journal keeps a track of your life. Good Luck

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