Day 3 It’s Friday… Well I never!

HAPPY FRIDAYWhere did this week go, well on Thursday I did go around thinking it was Wednesday and completely missed a play date with my little cousin …Ups… I blame not wanting Friday to come, My last day before I head back down to the big smoke.

I feel like I have let you down today Blogging world. I had planned to write a short little review on Sherlock, but it is still sitting in the drafts gathering dust, I shall however blow those cobwebs away this weekend. Today has been a lesson though. That if I am wanting to blog everyday in 2014 I need to PLAN and Stop PROCRASTINATING.

However I have seen that people do a Friday Five… So without planning I will do mine off the cuff now, Here are the top five things that have made my week.

1. I thought it was fantastic ( blog to follow)

2. This might be strange to you, but taking a suitcase that is overflowing with more clothes than I brought home with me could be a bit of a struggle,  it was luck I found these bags in Pound-land… my luggage will never be the same without them. MORE ROOM! AND A POUND.

3. This quote describes my blog well.

4. Having a day where I have nothing to do does not come around often. After a few hours, I thought back to my days at university where I was busy 24/7 stressing over essays and never having spare time. The little time I did have I played The Sims. It happily passed what you only wanted as 30 mins of downtime to 4 hours wasted. Hazar! I have time to play.  I go to my Sims box only to find it empty, but after some research I found out that the lovely people at EA and Origin have a way in which I can play online/download it for free, as I still had my Sims Booklet. So number 4 is a big thank you to EA and Origin (who ever else is involved) .

5.  Running out of things that have made my week interesting….

One more…just one. Strange again. I have been looking for Candy-corn for years, we just don’t sell it here in England, I thought it was banned, I have been in to every American sweet shop I pass in the UK and had given up. Until shopping the other day walking past another sweet shop I wondered…maybe… And BOOM I felt relief more than anything, it has taken years but they are now in my hands. In the end they don’ t really taste of anything good but sugar.

Now all I have to say is sorry for this blog, I hang my head in shame, I will do better.

Night L


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