Day 5 …Ah Mr Holmes!

(May contain spoilers)

As I sit crossed legged in my PJ’s and Onesie and the thunder bellows outside I am waiting anxiously for the next episode of Sherlock. Like always I have been captured and last week after two long years saw the return of the eagerly anticipated Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Empty Hearse’. All I really wanted out of it and I am sure many other fans wanted the same, was to know how he faked his death.

Moffat and Gattis the great minds behind the adaption didn’t want us to have it easy giving us an array of different outcomes. Opening the story we are greeted with one version of events a very believable one at that. (That is what I thought anyway). We open with the ending of last series and straight away have nothing to stop us from telling us that it is not the real version. Taking the body from the building is our first grasp of what could be the truth, Make up artists,  Derren Brown walks into shot and does what he does best, I loved his cameo and It could have been plausible.  Then the bungy  jump into the building. . . to kiss a girl. . . A tad bit Bond for my liking. Thank god it was just a theory. Many little theories in one.

In the second theory a pan across to a Guy Fawkes figure, Sherlock’s face printed onto paper makes a dummy figure of Mr Holmes on the building ledge. Zooming out I start to become more suspicious about this version of events, Sherlock and Moriarty sitting side by side….then the KISS I did not see that coming from anywhere even though its a fake version. It was great to see the humor leak into the story. The only reason I liked this version at the end is because I love the actress ( Sharon Rooney), she will do well.

And finally we are drawn into the final theory, brought back to the roof top and into action, we know it was all planned to the tiniest detail. The clever montage shots cover the intricate preparation. First glance of the air bag ( the side of my lips curl to a smile), its a plausible start. We witness all the actors all preparing to perform, earpieces in, John enters. Then the pieces fall in like clockwork. Two years of theories all wiped away and the truth reveled. However, I cant stop that nagging feeling that it was not the whole truth, you know, too good to be true.

Anyway enough of my rant. Nearly time for the next episode.





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