Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! … Day 6

I decided to leave my plan and do this challenge , it is an interesting one. Enjoy.

The roll of film clicks signalling the end of the footage, my body in shock my mind buzzing with information the slightest idea of my country as such an innocent place has shattered, I have unwittingly been dragged into this pathetic lie. How the outside world is oblivious about this is sickening. We’ve been lied to for all these years, not under their protection but their obsessive ruling. I don’t understand… how nobody wanted to push the boundaries or question society. Why had I not seen it myself, we had been controlled, locked in, or out, the footage made me feel nauseous, yet pieces of life were starting to make sense, though it was too soon to be sure. What the f**k had I just found.


It wasn’t working, the footage had him in a trance, slowly he oozed back into our new yet wrong view of reality. I could see the clockworks of his broad mind absorbing, rejecting, braking down. Turning his head to meet mine in the dim light, I notice his brown eyes glisten,

‘Why did you show me that filth’ Ethan shouted into my face. Suddenly stunned at his reaction I creep further away from his side.

‘Just because I have  brown eyes does not make me a monster like the people in those films’  I believed him of course.

Ethan’ I breathed slowly ‘You’ve got to show your soul otherwise your just a piece of equipment…like they said in the film, and in this place they are drowning your soul that’s why you needed to see the footage I found’. 

He had not heard my plea,  I had lost Ethan, he sat staring into the darkness of the storage room filled with rusting film tins, I can only feel sorry, he had just found out that he was born for one reason, to kill. Brown eyes, that’s all that separated me and him however the film to him had already built a void between us in the space of seconds.

Ethan, I I I didn’t know it…’ 

Shush’ he butted in

I honestly did not mean to hurt you’

shut it Mia, cant you hear them’ . Of course I could it was the sound of twenty something pounding footsteps coming towards us, there was no time to plan an escape route, by the sounds of it we were already cornered. Ethan was usually the mind behind our plans but the footage had disabled him. The sound of footsteps and orders from the General trembled through the room.  I quickly stagger to my feet and pull Ethan up next to me, our senses slurred from the dark room and our reflexes cut short from the horror of the film we were not prepared.  The door flung open, cold air and dust  hit my cheeks,  the bright white light blinds my vision but one sense was clear………………….BANG!……………………………………………

I know there maybe other places where I could stop but I wanted to write more, I was having so much fun. I do want to apologize for grammar, my structure and the way I put things. I am not very good at writing I have never really been good at it. Its another reason for blogging. So I can curb my writing skills. I hope you found the Sylvester Stallone reference.

Check back tomorrow to find out what happens to Ethan and Mia in their new reality.



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