Day 17…Back in England

bathroom-graffiti-now-youre-fucked-e1303566295145Sorry for the people out there who have not had a daily rant off me for the past few days, I am a busy little woman working away on location with hardly any internet to string three words together.

I would be doing a Five Friday today a proper one, where you wonder inside my brain at the strange and delightful things I have encountered. However I am unable to tell you most of it ha! Lets just say it has been an eventful week. As I like fresh starts I would be happier starting a good blog for you tomorrow when I am fresh and wide away.

Anyway seen as I have a little bit of energy left (and I do mean a wee bit) I thought I would give you one thought that has been running through my mind. however crap!

I do a lot of traveling around the UK and there is one name that seems to follow me around where ever I end up… Kimberly Clark. You out there who are thinking maybe its a college or a famous celebrity I must stop you there… I would say that every person, mainly female would spot this name a fair few times in your life. Now every time I run into this name I do laugh, how on earth has this name taken over the world of toilet tissues dispensers…… I know you are now thinking I am completely off my rocker. But this company is in ever ytoilet I have been in lol.

Anyway some interesting facts about them.

Kimberly, Clark and Co. was founded in 1872 by John A. Kimberly, Havilah Babcock, Charles B. Clark, and Franklyn C. Shattuck, well there you go it is not a woman’s name.

They own Kleenex

They have around 56,000 employees

But most of all they have a Royal Warrant!!! Royal families are familiar with this name too.

I don’t understand how they don’t have any big competition…I know that was a strange rant but it has been going through my head for years to go and find out who Kimberly Clark really was, so CHECK on that one. Tune back in tomorrow for something with more quality than toilet humor.

Ok that was a stupid blog, shows the tiredness.

Night x


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