Day 2323232

23 Today!

23 Today!

This is technically the 22nd and 23rd blog all rolled in to one mainly because they did!

Yesterday was hectic at work very busy and long. All on my mind though was I have no shoes for the wrap party. Luckily I have the bestest friend in the world and she went shopping hours before she was going traveling to get me some heels whilst I was at work. How these days rolled into one was a fun one at that. It was our wrap party, a huge celebration for finishing filming. We all got glammed up together at the studio, and partied hard throughout the night. As the minuets counted down to midnight, Jack and I watched the seconds melt away, as it would be both our birthday. When it became the 23rd we jumped, screamed and ran to the bar! The next moment Happy Birthday comes over the speakers and we are both thrown onto the stage and given more drinks. It was brilliant sharing a birthday with Jack. I then cannot remember the rest of the night. It was awesome.

It’s My Birthday WAHHOOOO. The name of this post 2323232 does mean something. Today is the 23rd January, I am turning 23 and I was born at 2.32

Now that is strange. Its only going to happen once. Right.

It has been a long eventful birthday.





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