Day 28… Pedantic

PanYes it may sound pathetic, I am having a rant about being called a ‘F*ing pedantic’ by someone who is very close to me. It has happened a few time now, however it was not until last night that I deiced to look up the word and I am disgraced. I am never pedantic, I can only assume that the person who is yelling this word to me is also this word otherwise he would not notice. I am not a person who is ‘excessively concerned with minor details or rules’, I think it has become a way in which this certain person believes he can beat me down. The man in question, when I am in conversation with him he always says No to anything I try and say. I have become used to this and can foretell it. The reason why I got called pedantic on this night was that he was telling me he had trouble with ordering an Ostercard, I simply say to help, You could have got it from a machine. That is all what caused him to react in the ‘F*ing pedantic’ way. This by a person who is always quick to correct me. At least I can say I have learnt a new word.






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