Day 30!

M_Id_454621_Wolf_of_Wall_StreetMy thoughts on… The Wolf of Wall Street

The best that I can say is that I bloody loved it. Forget all those critics who slice movies apart, that’s their job and I don’t think they understand what real people find hilarious. The whole cinema was captured laughing and gasping in moments of hysterical shock! There were brilliant moments where my hand covered my gasping/ smirking smile wondering how on earth have they got away with filming this especially when DiCaprios character has just taken some old drugs and enters a stage that he calls “cerebral palsy” phase. I am sure that everyone was thinking No they cant do or say that but secretly your laughing inside. Yes there is alot of nudity, reveling sex scenes, and blooming funny willy moments lol and the drugs of course but come on we are all adults and I am glad they pushed those boundaries. I love the way that the fourth wall is broken and DiCaprio confined in us the audience, it made him a loveable character, even though he was a filthy, stealing bugger. The only mistake that I think they made, It was too long, some moments were dragged out and I found my eyes wondering. So if you have a spare 3 hours go watch it, I have to say one of the funniest, best films I have seen in a long time.




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