Day 34. On top of the world

I have seen some amazing sites today. I visted the smallest state in the world, Vatican city. I got to roam around the beautiful St. Peters Basilica, Climb its many steps to its top and gaze and the wonders of Micheal Angeloe and Raphel. I could have spent the whole day wondering around the Vatican, however I went to visit Trevi fountain where I threw a coin back into its waters, lest hoping I come back. Today has been an eye opener into the history of religion. St Peters took my breath away it has so much to offer, and the paintings of Christ, Mary and so on are exquisite. I even sent a post card from the top of St Peters, Vatican city to my mum and dad. Ha I am certain I will beat it home.





I will be doing two posts this week that go further into my visit and tell you the inns and outs of my solo trip.

Good night x


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