Day 39 And so another day roaming around Rome

This day was amazing!!!

I woke again early to an annoying sound coming from the roof, it had been raining all night and something was dripping and the sound was echoing in the ventilation system. I could have complained but I am not that type. I started off walking to Vatican City. The best way to get there is to walk past the monuments you passed in the first day all the way up to Piazza Navona and turn left then just keep walking. I got there early, the doors opened at 9.30 and there was already a queue but I was glad that I got there early as when I look out of the building people were standing in a line that could have been at least an hours wait.

St Peter’s is such a beautiful building, go ahead and get an audio guide, there is plenty of information to be absorbed. The most important information I can give you is… GO UP ST PETERS DOME… You can either pay 5 euros to walk up the 500 steps or get the lift for 7 euros. I decided to walk… it is a very round building round and round and round. (ok now I am dizzy again). You firstly get see up-close Michelangelo’s handy work, it is amazing and bloomin high up. You then get to go further up the dome, so your outside on the high point of the dome looking out onto the Vatican. It is beautiful. Then the decent down you discover a lovely little souvenirs shop run by nuns. I insist you buy a post card, you need to buy a stamp too. There is a little post box out on the wall. It is a cute little present to send to someone… A postcard from the top of St Peters, and the smallest state in the world.

After this take a wonder to the left of St Peters to the Vatican Museum. I would tell you here to watch your back. At this point I had someone following me. He was right by my side, would speed up and slow down the same as me. Thankfully I noticed before anything could happen, whilst he had taken a few steps in front of me I crossed the road into a café. Looking over my shoulder, I noticed he was looking for me. So watch yourself if traveling alone, be aware of who is around you, and take a detour into somewhere you can ask for help if you are unsure. I got the Vatican at 2 there was no queue what so ever, walked straight through. As always bought myself an audio guide and took my time. However I did not find it much help. Only for the main pieces such as the Sistine chapel. That is the next big place of wonder. One area I found amazing was the corridor leading to the Chapel. Its gold lit celling, painting and carved all the way down to the floor. It was such a beautiful corridor, and the Chapel, even though you could not take any photographs you get to see the magnificent celing painted by Michelangelo. Take your time here no walking back in. Try and find a seat, just look up and take it all in.

The last two sites I visited, Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps. At Trevi Fountain don’t forget your coin, throwing one coin means a return to Rome, a second coin leads to an Italian romance, and a third coin leads to marriage. Be careful for people wanting to take photos of you, they have huge camera hanging around their necks, I did not trust them. Then I finished off my trip with a climb up the Spanish Steps, to be honest they were not that great especially because the fountain was boarded up.

It was then an easy trip home, nothing interesting. I would recommend to get your tickets back to the airport, go straight to the platform and there should be a little ticket office there other wise give yourself at least 2 hours to get your ticket haha…. They don’t like to queue out there, so your given  a number and you just have to wait, it takes forever.

Anyway, If you do have a free weekend do it, get on a plane and have an amazing time in Rome. It is such a beautiful place. Enjoy!

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