Day 42…Time for some good news!

I feel like being happy today, therefore I found some happy news. This took a while seen as most news is bad news and don’t we know it. As there is something big going on called the Winter Olympics I thought I would keep it in context. Throughout the Olympics countries compete against each other in some tough competitions. It is not so often that you seen this kindness.

CanadaRussian Cross Country Sprinter Anton Garafrov fell into last place after braking his ski mid-race. Determined to finish no matter what, he struggled  along the snow with his broken ski until the Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth noticed him in the distance. All the other coaches just watched and stared however Wadsworth came to his rescue with spare ski in hand. Without any hesitation the exchange was made and Anton continued and was able to finish the race…Wadsworth put it best saying…“I wanted him to have dignity as he crossed the finish line.” I personally think it is brilliant to see such sportsmanship, this is what the Olympics should be about.


There you go, some happiness in our little world.




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