Day 44… Annie’s Daily Drop

You out there in the blogshpere will not know what the heck I am talking about but I will explain about this phenomenon that is sweeping the office. The reason it has gained its certain name is because it was Annie who brought it into our office. Warning it should not be played more than three times.

  1. Firstly go onto the well known site Google Maps.
  2. Zoom out until you see the whole world on the screen. Make sure it is on satellite instead of maps. You will see why soon.
  3. Grab the little yellow/orange man and drop him anywhere in the world.
  4. Take in the new view.

Here are mine from today.

1. Mexico





You get to see some views that you never knew existed. Yeah you can get a boring road but you can also get beautiful mountains or jungle, but you also find some funny ones, where the person did not know they were being captured.

So just have some fun. As I said before only do it three times a day… It can get addictive.




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