Day 58… Afternoon tea that bursts the bank!

I think it is time to indulge in two of the most famous places to get afternoon tea.


First is The Ritz Hotel. Such a stunning place, it’s restaurant even has a dress code. The area in which you enjoy your afternoon tea is elegantly beautiful. You are wined and dined, the cakes obviously are the finest around and still come on a cake stand, its probably silver plated.  Yes this all sounds quite wonderful but at £45 each, you must be willing to spend an arm and a leg just for a piece of bread. I do think this is a brilliant idea for a special birthday or even a hen doo, and even though I do love my mother lots, I think she would understand if I did not take her here… Sorry mum


Then there is The Savoy Hotel, The pictures of their cakes has taken my breath away. This is the place where I would love to take my mum if I had the money. However it does say you may been to book 6 weeks in advanced and I would want to go on the 8th March which is rather too soon. It is a traditional afternoon tea that would be more than just a cuppa and cake, it would be a wonderful experience. At £108 for two it is wayyyy over my budget (The best so far being £24 for 2). It just feels like a fairy tail dream that only happens in the movies. Maybe one day when I am rich and famous. Ha! I can only dream.

I had better get back to looking at the cheap ones again before it all goes to my head.


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