Day. . . 59 Giving up on Afternoon tea tonight

I am going to mull over the Afternoon tea, I have had such a bad day I would do a fivefriday and give you some happy notes about my week it has just been an awful few days. So here is my badfridayfive.

1. Do not trust the new guy (even though he has more experience as camera assistant than I I do) to pack his own van without checking you own equipment so you don’t go on location with no stock!!! (thank god I take spare disks)

2. Make sure each P2 camera has memory cards before setting off otherwise you need a courier to do both job 1 and 2. Thank god for Addision Lee

3. Because a guy who has two years camera assistant/ operator role does not mean he knows how to change a lens!!!

4. I feel like I have broken, I am ashamed, annoyed, upset, every crap feeling under the sun.

5…. well I don’t have one, there just isn’t anything anymore. Oh I feel good that I did not cry at work, I left it till I got home. Ha

Bad week I know,  I have learnt from my mistakes this week even though they were not all my fault, yet I took the blame.




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