Day 61… Todays Blog was going to be amazing

Yes! I had planned an amazing make-up blog where I would show you how pathetic I am at putting on eye-liner for the first time. I tried it and ended up with a picture like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IMG_20140302_184140

but it just did not work out to anything.  It was going to be amazing, with inserts from vloggers  It is true that I do not wear make up apart from mascara because my eyelashes resemble camels. Like this <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<.


Got to say I am surprised I got the line right but I don’t think I look any good with it. I wish Tanya Burr give me some lessons or Zoella . People who do not know these YouTubers go check them out. (I love watching YouTube). It would be great for them to do a make over on me… To finally know what works on my skin. It sort of feels like I have missed out on a childhood lesson. I never got into the glitter, eyeshadow phase. Maybe I should now. So instead of doing this blog, I cleaned the house which is nice and sparkly now. We had two people look around the house today as our Eoin left :(. It is really strange finding a new housemate, they were both normal which is nice. But any who, My day ended with two things that I love one is HBC in human language hot blackcurrant. I have had to stop drinking it as it is really bad for your teeth but I have not had it in a few weeks so it was a treat. Also my one weakness Popcorn….





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