Day 65… Daily Prompt: Time After Time


Traditions are huge in my family, anything done at least twice on occasion becomes a tradition. For example my mums Shepard pie on the nights I came home from uni. My Tuesdays nights at my best friends house a cuppa and chat. Sleeping in till 10 on a Sunday and my dad wakes mum and I up with a cuppa on the bedside. The biggest however is my families Christmas tradition. The day is shared with my family.

Every year since before I was born my family has gathered either at my aunties, or my parents house at 11 on the dot to spend a few hours together exchanging gifts. It is the one day I really look forward too in the year. One time I see my whole family on one day and in one place. The day starts out with mum, dad and I opening our presets whilst we Skype my family over in New Zealand. Then at 11 we either go to my aunts or everyone comes to ours. After a few hours everyone but a select few disperse to their partners families to finish their day. The select few which include my aunty, uncle, and sometimes cousin join us for Christmas dinner. We sit around pull crackers and eat till we  pop. It is just the perfect day.

The Christmas just gone however, the cousins of the family decided that they wanted to do Christmas with their own families, being the youngest of the cousins and no family of my own I was not apart of this decision. When I found out my perfect day was not happening I got really upset and angry. How could they change a tradition that had been started by our grandparents. So this year mum dad and I took our time to open our presents. No one came around to exchange gifts. Thankfully my cousin invited us over to his house for dinner otherwise it would have been a lonely Christmas just the three of us. It was not the same. It seems to be a tradition that has after all these years has outgrown our family. I just hope one day I can start it again with my own family.





7 thoughts on “Day 65… Daily Prompt: Time After Time

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