Day 66… Fivefriday

Yes it is time to do a fivefriday seen as I am actually up to it.

1.I do not think you have noticed but I love youtube. I am giving my number 1 spot to a person I watch weekly. Zoella! She just suppressed 4 million viewers, then whilst walking around the shop looking at magazines that I never buy I see Zoella on the front page of  Company magazine and have to buy it straight away. Go over to her channel she is a sweet amazing 23 year old who is a sensational youtuber…

2. Finally found a place for afternoon tea! It is a place that I have filmed at once. It looks like a great place for cakes, and I got the champagne deal…Well it is not a deal, I decided to spend a little for once. So it is £34 each but I really wanted to give my mum a treat.  Yay my mum is coming to visit

3. TAX it is a pain in the butt however today was a shock a brilliant shock. Two weeks ago I was paid for a job that I did last year which I knew would be flagged up by HMRC and it did. I got a letter saying that they knew I had two jobs, which I dont. So I rang the people at HMRC to get it sorted only to be told  that I am getting a better deal with my new tax code and i did WHoop!!! £16 more 🙂

4. Finishing Divergent….Well I never, what a shocker, please do not read if you like sad endings. I found it such a wonderful book right until the author decides to kill off a character (not naming them due to spolierrs). I cannot wait till the films comes out though .

5. Happy News


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