Day 74 . . . Sugar !


I have many weaknesses in this sugary sweet world. Anything covered in Chocolate only scratches the surface. Chocolate = Bar, cake, biscuits. Oh then there is white chocolate I love it. Although I do not have a sweet tooth for desserts. I do not like cream, or jam or flavourings. I am happy with a plain sponge cake or chocolate fudge cake… The fillings prove my love of sweet things. Always brush your teeth after cake 🙂

But what I would not be able to live life without is … Popcorn. That might be silly to all you chocolate lovers especially when I have just drooled over all things chocolate. I would give up chocolate for popcorn ha shocker I know.

My favourite is tyrrells salt and sweet, I can eat a whole bag. The other day I was shocked at how much I loved a vanilla and coconut flavoured popcorn. I am guessing my love for it started when I was young, when my mum would let me pop real corn kernels. That were the good times.

Oh I have chocolate cake for tonight 🙂



6 thoughts on “Day 74 . . . Sugar !

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