Day 78… My Music Guilty Pleasure

Lately I have been listening to my favourite music to calm me down after work. It is however a particular soundtrack from a famous franchise that some people may just turn away from. Yes I mean the Twilight Saga. I am not a huge fan but I love the soundtrack and score. I think it’s one of the most thought through music for a film I have come across. Yes a lot of you may think otherwise, but I find the songs so relaxing. It is a mixture of genres from Bruno Mars, Christina Perri to Paramore.

 I once wrote an essay on the synergistic properties of the music in the Twilight franchise as I was one of those people that the film managed to capture into its economical web and what best to write than first hand experience. . I really did enjoy writing the essay, I was able to listen and watch the movies over and over especially my favourite soundtrack from the saga New Moon. I find it fascinating how the music industry can tie in closely and profit from many movies. Looking back over my essay I found this quote.

 ‘Applying the logic of synergy, film promoters reasoned that if exposure to a theme or song or soundtrack were effective in making the film a hit, a successful film would, in turn, spur further record sales and mechanical royalties’ (Reay, 2004, p. 96)

 And that worked on me… After watching the first films I bought the sound tracks… then I loved the Paramore songs so I bought Paramore singles. That’s how it all works. New Moon went on to sell more than 2.2 Million copies of its sound track, which then lead onto Paramore getting more noticed and onto the Billboard.

 The score on the other hand is probably the most beautiful thing. I wrote in my essay…

 It is stated by the composer Steiner that the score is ‘the exploitation of musical associations to provide the link between narrative content and musical accompaniment’ (Kalinak, 1992, p. 113), it defines perfectly how the franchise has incorporated the score with the characters and the tone in which the music is creating atmosphere.

 The shift between the score and soundtrack is un-noticeable; they flow perfectly into one another creating a non-stop roller-coaster of emotion. If you do have the time I would honestly recommend you listen to the score and soundtrack from the films, even if you hate the movies themselves. The music is just Beautiful.

There are hundreds of videos,

 Yes so that is my music guilty pleasure… What’s yours?




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