Day 79 . . .

I sit here on my bed full of larger and soon to be mac and cheese. We had a long day filming and an extra hour added on for filming a Make a Wish for a little boy. It was all worth it, but after the long day we all ( and now I have my mac and cheese) gathered in the local pub and chatted our lives away. It’s great to work in such a close knit company. I know a lot of people who would be scared shit of their series producers and directors but we all get on really well and enjoy going out, having down time is important for us. We work long hours at work so to socialise outside is refreshing. Especially when the series director tells you specifically not to set an alarm to be in the next day as you need sleep. Yay for me.
So I am ending the day on a high of mac and cheese, and slightly tipsy
Good night,


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