82…My Dream House…Emphasis on Dream

I live in quite a small room in a shared council house in SW London. The place is falling apart, five people in one small space. Two Irish Two Australian and me! Finally coming to terms that this is the house I will probably live in for the next few years. Only because this place is extra cheap. I only pay £460 monthly although that is without bills and well earning £380 weekly it takes a chunk out of that easily . Yet that is really cheap for London. I would not want to loose a place that is this cheap.

Anyway I went on a little run today around the surrounding area, I had not been that particular way before so was shocked with what I found, Rich people must live on them streets. And Wow! I can hardly believe my eyes. I have never seen houses that big before. One even had its own waterfall stream in the front garden. I am always thinking of my own place. One day I get to decorate my own house, buy little trinkets and shop in the home areas of many shops. I do genrally go into TKmax just to go in their Home section to dream buy for the house I will never get. Yet it seems a dream that is too far away to reach anything that does not involve shared housing. I am too far to earn anything near to get a mortgage let alone a little place I can rent for myself. But we can all dream right?




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