Day 90. . . The great pretender… oh i am

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it.

My short answer… This could have been an essay.

ostrichI have a strange view on my confidence. I cannot for the life of me talk in front of people however large or small the crowd. I even find it difficult to talk to people face to face. I find trying to string a sentence together extremely difficult and this tends to falter my confidence. However with dance, give me a theatre full and I would happily go out and perform, as long as I do not have to speak.

I have always been a shy young girl always hiding in the paths of others. Keeping my thoughts to myself. Throughout my childhood on report cards or even dance reports I always knew what it would say… Laura lacks the confidence in. . .  It is just something I do not have.  You could however see confidence in me as someone who has moved to London on their own to work in a job where you are only given short contracts so never knows what is going to happen next…. or that is just damn stupid.

I would say I do suffer from Imposter Syndrome, I never like to take complements for my successes, not like I get any anyway ( um there we go another imposter) People have to keep telling me that I have done well other wise I do not believe them. I lack the confidence in myself. I do not know if confidence is something you are born with or you strive towards, I can honestly conclude I do not own this ability.


On another note, I started my training for the London to Brighton cycle… 🙂




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