Day 94. . . North

Four and a half hours later and I am home home, back up north. Today has been long, work was a mixture of feelings, excitement of a new challenge, happiness because we finished early, annoyance that we had to pack the kit away, even more annoyance that I got another camera in to set up, anger because some kit is lost and I have no clue what so ever what happened to it as it is something that you would have noticed, crying (again) it all got too much for me, tiredness as my day is going to be even more longer by traveling home.

But that was today. It all begins again in a few days time, I now have two days to do what I want. However I have to thank chris again for being my shoulder to cry on, it’s strange when you meet someone who is just so nice that you get along with so well. He really makes me feel better And listens to me. I do not know why he puts up with it. I am great full for his friendship.

Anyway yes at home now, my mum had made a bath for me with candles and bubble bath. Baths have become a very treasured aspect in my life. And now I am in my lovely bed. Oh how I miss my duvet cover. I am going to sleep well tonight.



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