Day 95. . . Being home

Home is where the heart is.
My heart seems to be in a million places but one piece always stays in my hometown. It is where all my family live, we are a very close family always around at each other’s houses. I mainly come home now to see my little cousin Mia. She is only 10 months and has already started walking and climbing the stairs. It is amazing to see such a little thing walk she is adorable. What aches my heart is not being able to watch her grow up. I miss many months when I am in London and when I come back for the weekend she has changed so much.
Then I always see my aunts and uncle. The first lot are when I go and see Mia, the second lot are just around the corner. They are the elders of the family ever since my grandparents died when I was young they and my mum became the head of the family and I hold them very close to my heart. I always call them aunt and uncle before their names like aunty sue and uncle joe. I think it makes them seem extra special to me.
Yeah so my home time is always about family. I think I get home sick in london, a tad lonely. I am from a huge family and being so far away from the people who I love and they love me is hard. Every month I try and take a weekend back home just to get my family fix, and it was very much needed this weekend.




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