Day 97, Think before you believe the papers

Above is a post that I just saw a friend share in Facebook. It is about how the papers made a story about the bbc spending too much on crews accommodation whilst on location. It’s a good read for someone who works in tv. Yes we go on location a lot but think again if it is a lavish hotel. I have probably spent more nights in a premiare/holiday inn than you will in your whole life. And I am only 23 . You may think that being put up in a hotel with work is a very high brow bbc thing, but all companies have to do it. What location really means… Packing up all your equipment, loading it into vans just to drive hours to an isolated location where you do a day of Gvs before packing up the van and retreating to a hotel where you lug the expensive stuff into your room as the insurance does not cover it overnight in a van, spending the rest of the night trying to wring out the rain soaked clothes hoping they will dry before tomorrow’s 4oclock wake up time. A whole 12 hours later and your on your way back home or to the hotel which has a lack of internet so your stuck trying to get as many cheap drinks with your pdium ( I don’t even know how to spell it). Anyway the papers are really trying to wrangle a story there maybe they should go find some real news.



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