104: My Bad but Good show Tv review.

Believe : To me it is a hit new American tv show that has been given terrible advertising and crappy channel to be aired on. Yes only three episodes in and it is quite predictable. Equilibrium, disequilibrium and new equilibrium. Very old school, yet it still has me captured, by not giving up all it’s secrets. In the third episode you are just receiving important back story. I love episodes where they can weave eras. You have good cop bad cop then the middle area where you just don’t understand why they are there. Then the two main characters, first Tate, who the main character has still yet to learn is her dad. He is well hot. Got me at that point. Bad guy too. So needs a good person, here comes the main character Bo. A little girl who has the FBI and every police officer after her. She has magical powers. That’s about it.
If you are like me and love fantasy, syfi drama you will love it. I am addicted already.



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