What I do not like about Restaurants and another awful Laura Review. 105

Firstly what really gets on my nerves at restaurants is that now they expect you to pay for the different elements of your meal. Nowadays you cannot order a proper meal. It is all individually priced. So you pay £7 for a Burger then you have to pay for chips  separately then anything else you want is more additional charge. I think it is ridiculous. When I go out for a meal I want it for one price with the whole package. What ever happened to Burger that came with chips and a side salad!!!!???? Anyone else think the same?

Ok so now to the restaurant. I went to Hot Pink in Wimbledon tonight, Jackie and I had a weekly meet up and decided to treat ourselves. First impressions were good, Lovely inviting staff. The two lads were very welcoming and told us about the menu and showed us to our seats. We were not given cutlery though, had to nick it from another table. Anyway. It was one of those annoying restaurants as I explained above. You had to order a main dish which was either beef, chicken or salmon, veggie. then you would order sides. Yes it added up. What was even more annoying was the size of the portions. I ordered chicken skewers and only got two small sticks. I thought they would come with some veg on the stick but nope just a stick of chicken. It tasted ok but it was only chicken, if I had wanted that I would have gone to Nandos. Then I ordered some rice with lentils, it tasted good but again was a tiny proportion. My third and final thing I ordered was some flat bread with houmous. That was the best thing.  Altogether it came to £16. Yes that can be a good price but for the size of the meal it was terrible. Not going back there again. Sorry.

I am slightly Dyslexic and I find spelling Restaurant really difficult, and I have to spell it alot usually and I tend to spell it Resturant oh well they must guess what it is anyway.




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