Pack up and Disney on ice 107

Best words from my exec …. Laura don’t you scrub up well!!!! The wrap party was awesome. I did not get too drunk at all was on water most of the night, and danced the hours away 🙂
But no rest for the wicked
Today was the big haul up at work, everything was being packed up to move studios and I mean every little piece of set and props, all of the production is being lifted up and plonked in a different location. I can’t wait to start fresh in a new tech box.

Then my best friend treated me, we went to see Disney on ice. At first I was like wow there are so many kids we are defo too old for this but when we sat down there were hundreds of people our age and even older who did not have kids with them. It was great to sing along, wish there was more of a story to it, and the set actually worked. But was an ok show. Kids will love it.
Now after just having an argument with the boy friend.
I am off to sleep


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