The sun always comes out… 113

So today was brighter than yesterday, tonight I finally got a txt saying I do love you you know. That’s all I needed. Was it really that hard. Well it looks like it was. Yes my mind is still going through a hundred gears but it is settling. I think I am going to let it ride through a little longer, yes I am not completely happy, as of the being lonely with no boyfriend next to me. But I have one that I think does care, even though he does not show it.

I spent tonight with some amazing friends. Lottie and emily from university. We all studied television production and have moved to London and work in tv. We laugh as we never have time to meet because in our jobs we work many hours and trying to get three people to have a free night off is rare, and tonight was literally the only night. Lottie goes on tour tomorrow and I go on holiday soon before the next series starts again and emily in prod sec on three shows ha. Us girls know how it’s done.

Anyway, I have had three dark days, I just need to keep positive. See where this relationship boat takes me. And not stress about it too much.



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