125 here we go again

So this is my first blog of many that will be done on my tube home. Seen as I have an hour of time where I am stuck on a tube I might as well use it wisely.
Here we go again, the new series has kicked in and I was up at 5 this morning for a location shoot. It was an eventful morning in my eyes. The Addison Lee driver is the same guy who has now picked me up three or four times before. We like to have our talk, he is a young taxi driver and is blooming good looking. It’s not very often to say see you again to a taxi man but this one I did, as it’s more probable .
Anyway we got to the studio and two of my camera guys were there collecting equipment for their long week of location shoots. It was lovely to see them after a week off.
Work went really well and we had finished on location by 12 but I still had a full day of work to do. I did however clean my tech room even though there are some boxes still to get rid of. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long and tiring start to a new series.



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