130 Sort out of life

Today was my first day to sort out my life this week. I still had not unpacked from my holiday so my room was a mess. The biggest trek of my day was getting my contact lenses. I had not got a call from specsavers all week so decided to wonder in the shop where they said they had not come it yet. I told them I was not happy as it had been a week and I had not even recoded a phone call to say there could be a delay. Anyway I go back home only to receive a phone call saying that they have been delivered so I went all the way back into town to pick them up, only to be told that they had not arrived . . Urg. So the manager came to talk to me and say sorry. Saying that because I ordered them on a bank holiday it had just taken longer but I should have been told. As I was not happy she said that she would post the contacts to my house for free and also find me a weeks worth of contacts until they came. So finally turned out ok

Anyway tonight I spent watching Eurovision with two Irish and five Australians drinking wine, yes good night


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