137 Summer makes me happy

I really seized the day today. I firstly made sure that I had enough sleep so 10 was a satisfying sleep in. I woke and got ready to go out for a three hour cycle around Richmond Park. The amazing weather really made the cycling so much more worth it. And the park is just beautiful. I made my way home after three hours and well cycling made me starving so i put on a summer dress and walked into town for a Starbucks. I get there and its happy hour whoop so my yummy coconut frappuccino was half price. I did my food shopping which turned out super cheap walked home and spent two hours relaxing in the sun with my housemates. One of them wanted to go on a bike ride this evening we got back on our bikes and went to find stockwell station which i have been trying to find for days. And we found it whoop. So we had a lovely cycle and watched the sun set. Got home ate soup whilst watching xmen. It has been such a lovely day out.I feel so refreshed 🙂


Cycling in Richmond Park




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