148 Bad day

Today has been awful, the main bad luck was when I went to change a disk only to be shouted at across the whole studio with the whole crew in that the lockit box was unsyncd that meant the whole day had been. It wasn’t only that but the director shouting across the room saying we have to watch out the problems in the edit are getting too much. It made me embarrassed in front of the crew and annoyed. We work so hard to keep everything moving and in order and yes the locket boxes have been playing up but it is way above anything we understand. I would have rather the director come straight to my face and told me instead of shouting as it was not fair.

Then I don’t get back home till 9, still no water or proper kitchen and there is a hole in my bedroom wall . . .

I just want a normal life now. Oh well I work in tv it ain’t going to be normal


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