A week of 4:30 mornings

Well what a week. It has flown by only because each day has ended up being a 15 hour day. And I worked 6 of them. So that is a location each day or even two. That is a lot of packing and unpacking. We were split into two camera teams to film more. So it has been hetic. Apart from that nothing else has happened, getting up at four and going to sleep at 11 with work in between. The only thing worth chatting about is my meal tonight.
Jackie and I went for a meal at Wahaca in Wimbledon. The burritos tasted amazing only until I bit down into a stone. At first I thought it was my filling as it was a silver grey thing but after checking them all it did turn out to be a stone. So obviously told the waiter who initially did not say sorry, who finally told his manager. She came over and was lovely, apologised, explained what she was going to do with the batch of food that was made then gave us another cocktail, dessert and knocked my burrito off the bill. So apart from the stone all was well. Might have put me off burritos and Wahaca for the while.
This coming week is a tad less full on, and I might even get a day off!!!! Now that would be lush.


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