A week of 4:30 mornings

Well what a week. It has flown by only because each day has ended up being a 15 hour day. And I worked 6 of them. So that is a location each day or even two. That is a lot of packing and unpacking. We were split into two camera teams to film more. So it has been hetic. Apart from that nothing else has happened, getting up at four and going to sleep at 11 with work in between. The only thing worth chatting about is my meal tonight.
Jackie and I went for a meal at Wahaca in Wimbledon. The burritos tasted amazing only until I bit down into a stone. At first I thought it was my filling as it was a silver grey thing but after checking them all it did turn out to be a stone. So obviously told the waiter who initially did not say sorry, who finally told his manager. She came over and was lovely, apologised, explained what she was going to do with the batch of food that was made then gave us another cocktail, dessert and knocked my burrito off the bill. So apart from the stone all was well. Might have put me off burritos and Wahaca for the while.
This coming week is a tad less full on, and I might even get a day off!!!! Now that would be lush.


Thoughts of my Week…Summer…Sexy…. Single :)

Well this week begun a shattered one. After cycling 7 hours Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were just a blur at work. I am grateful that my body decided to not injure itself or become sore after the ride, but it decided to mentally drain me.

1. This week I thought a lot about how deceiving traveling is for Londoners. They and now I believe that traveling an hour and fifteen is just over adequate time for getting to work. 45 mins to an hour on the tube seem almost natural to me now. However this would have been blasphemy if I were to travel that much back at home. In an hour and 15 you can get quite far away from one place. For instance at home I could travel to Manchester in less time, yet people would call me crazy and wonder why I would travel that far for work. In London that time only takes you across to the other side of the city.  Why would I live in a city where I have to travel more than an hour to just stay in the city when I could live in the country and travel to the city. Oh crazy London.

2. It is summer and I decided to buy lots of summer dresses. I don’t usually get to wear dresses at work. Being a Camera Assistant does not really give you the flexibility to wear what you want. A dress would be unsuitable. So I bought two dresses in each shop I went into and ended up with 8 dresses 🙂 I AM READY SUMMER and I am going to look Sexy each day!!!

3. Reading…Where do I begin. I am currently reading three books. My work colleagues think I am crazy each day  I have one of the three. Firstly I am reading Mirrorsight by Kristen Britain, I have waited two years for this book and its a blooming big one at that. Secondly I am reading 1984, Its a classic which I do not usually tend to lean towards but as I am really wanting to watch the theater show I thought I would get to know the story, and well I love the authors style. I just get lost in his words.Last but not least I am reading Maze Runner I am on the third in the series and not really too fussed. Its getting a bit slow 😦 More to come on these books I promise x

4. The Fault In Our Stars…Where do I begin! Take your tissues, I have never ever cried so much in the cinema. It is such a heartbreaking story that fills your heart with joy but smashes it into reality. It really brought back what happened to my friend Nathan when he died from a brain tumor. I bet you a penny that you will cry a tear some point in this film. The main characters are perfect, its beautiful composition and story will have you crying in minuets.


I do not know if this blog made any sense, it was a bit rushed tonight. I need to make these more organized… Hm Maybe I should draft more throughout the week. Anyway I have the most hectic week ahead of me. My car comes at 5.30 tomorrow morning. So Good night World.

159 SIngle and ready to …. Drown my sorrows.

This week has been a tough week. We spent Monday in the pub. Now that is a way to start the week. But in the terms of relationships it has been tiring.

I am now officially Single after 4 1/2 years and in a relationship with freedom. Well that is what I want at least. I took a train on Saturday to York and came back three hours later Single but still carrying a horrid weight upon my heart. It was a parting of two people that loved each other but have started living two separate lives. I was not happy. So here I am just over 24 hours into being single feeling sick, not hungry and with a heavy heart.

What do i do next. I feel like the lonely wanderer.  I heard it gets worse before I start to feel better… Not looking forwards to that 😦

Screw Daily Blogs!!!!

That is it, I have made the horrid decision to stop daily blogging. Firstly because when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is eat, shower then sleep, Not think about what I need too write. Secondly my life is not that worth blogging about everyday. However I still want to blog, therefore I have come up with the solution to do a blog every third day. So today I will do one as I did not do one on Friday or Saturday. So here it is!!!

Friday- Well today was a better day at work. It was long, Dan and I were the last ones out of the studio at 7 and met the crew in the pub for a well earned drink. But only a quick one as I rushed home to see Jackie. It has been ages since I have seen her. Oh My friends and I have finally booked Disney Land Paris for New Year YaY. That means one of my New Years resolutions is finally been kicked into gear. I am not spending New Year at home whoop…

Saturday- Saturday is such a great word. Especially when you are not working. I had to fit my whole social life into one day and this is how it went.

– Breakfast with Jackie

-Essential Shopping

-3 hour bike ride around Richmond Park with Sam, Dan and Jack

-I had to do some laundry

-Meal with friends which was an awesome catch up

-Matt Richardson comedy night which was bloomin funny. Go watch him on his next tour you will laugh till you hurt!

However it was also a sad day in my household because my Budgie Ben died. He was 14, such a old bird, he had a great life was looked after very well. We shall miss him very much. Love you Ben.

Sunday- I was up and raring to go this morning at 5, Yes I only had 4 hours sleep but no rest for me. I had to work. It was a really brilliant day at work absolutely loved it.  Its such a great crew. And so night for tonight. I need to catch up on some sleep me thinks.

148 Bad day

Today has been awful, the main bad luck was when I went to change a disk only to be shouted at across the whole studio with the whole crew in that the lockit box was unsyncd that meant the whole day had been. It wasn’t only that but the director shouting across the room saying we have to watch out the problems in the edit are getting too much. It made me embarrassed in front of the crew and annoyed. We work so hard to keep everything moving and in order and yes the locket boxes have been playing up but it is way above anything we understand. I would have rather the director come straight to my face and told me instead of shouting as it was not fair.

Then I don’t get back home till 9, still no water or proper kitchen and there is a hole in my bedroom wall . . .

I just want a normal life now. Oh well I work in tv it ain’t going to be normal

147 Suffering from a heavy heart

I do not know what to do with my heart. It is weighing me down I feel ruthless and evil. How could I do this to him he has only ever been nice. There are the few occasions where we have argued but he never did anything bad. He knows me inside and out and I don’t think I could let another know me this well. He has let me live my life but unhappiness has crept upon me. I blame the London life, my grown up self has begun and he has been left behind. I do not see him in months and our relationship is over a phone. I know people can hang on but after four years and another two to follow I have the feeling of giving it a break giving myself some slight freedom which at this point is not freedom but a heavy chain. It has not been finalised but how can we go back to what we were after I have brought up all this feeling and thought. The end is near and I do not know if it is the right decision. Love is making me sick. Only a few weeks and we shall see.