146 General life

So I live in a small council house in London with four other people. That’s five people in our small house and the other day our landlady gave us the good news that we are getting a new kitchen. Whoop. However that means only cooking microwave meals for at least a week. I came home and the builders have not got that far. But we shall see again tomorrow. That’s not the annoying thing about tonight…. We do not have any bulbs in our bathroom and I wanted a shower so asked the only male housemate to help me change the light bulb from downstairs to the upstairs which he did. .. .it only went and blew the light. And after all that he is a electrician . . . Typical

Any who on a happier note, I am off to Disneyland Paris for new year 🙂


145 and it’s starting

I am officially on a boyfriend break!!! We have decided this because we can’t do it over the phone it hurts too much and to talk over it will make us feel better. But that’s it I finally said everything that had been on my mind and it was hard. Just not looking forward to the meet up now.


144 home

How I miss my own bed, it’s a great thing to come back to oh and a bath. I spent most of the day in the rain which sucked but the bike ride was awesome. I ended up like a soaked rat. Then i decided to get a new phone so now I have an iPhone. It’s really sad because I thought I would always stay on android oh well, let’s see how this goes.

143 One train home

So I had to make a decision this morning, well my boyfriend made it for me. I was either going to see him or go home and seen as he said No for me going to his I got on a train which took a whole 5 hours to get home. It was great to see my mum and dads shocked faces. It’s horrid to see my budgie dying. But overall it’s great to be home.


142 Prescribe yourself some happiness

Tonight I was introduced by my housemate via YouTube a poet called Stephen james Smith. I can honestly say I cannot recite any famous pomes but this guy really knows how to make a poem unique, real and modern. This certain poem I listened to and fell in love with. It’s when he gets to the second half you begin to nod and agree. It makes you feel better, as if he knows something only you have felt. So take a listen to Stephens work, he really knows how to sell his art to a modern world where poetry has seemed to taken a backseat.

140 Ups And Downs

Firstly the down . . . A guy from my old school died yesterday. I am thinking of the Towers family, RIP tazzer.

Good thing… I got my name credited on I Wanna Marry Harry, all us production assistants got our names up. It was a shock as we were told they did not have to credit us so that was nice.

Good thing number two… One landlady emailed us saying we are getting a new kitchen Yay.