Day 71… Daily Prompt: If You Leave


To be truthful I am a person who is likely to quite something quite easily if it wasn’t from something little that always keeps me attached and trudging along. I am in an industry that has very short contracts I am only 23 and have had over 10 different jobs. So I have never had the chance to contemplate leaving… That was until the other day… I have been in the same job now for 6 months that is long for me, my longest job yet ( other than the supermarket but that’s another story) . It got really tough last week, to the point that I was wanting to quit. I felt like I was not good enough for the role. That I was not living up to the expectations of the fellow crew. But finally I have made up my mind I will stay till the end of this series,  for the next series however I am unsure.  I do like change and another 6 months might brake me. The pros however … I would still have a job, It would look better on my CV, I would get better at camera assisting. Cons… Studio is moving over an hour away from where I live, therefore more expensive to travel, I don’t want to get stuck in entertainment I want to spread my wings first. SO do I quit a secure job to follow my dreams or will I find another easier way into my dream after a few more months of learning.

I could go into so much more detail… yet it is time to sleep…

Good night,


Day 2323232

23 Today!

23 Today!

This is technically the 22nd and 23rd blog all rolled in to one mainly because they did!

Yesterday was hectic at work very busy and long. All on my mind though was I have no shoes for the wrap party. Luckily I have the bestest friend in the world and she went shopping hours before she was going traveling to get me some heels whilst I was at work. How these days rolled into one was a fun one at that. It was our wrap party, a huge celebration for finishing filming. We all got glammed up together at the studio, and partied hard throughout the night. As the minuets counted down to midnight, Jack and I watched the seconds melt away, as it would be both our birthday. When it became the 23rd we jumped, screamed and ran to the bar! The next moment Happy Birthday comes over the speakers and we are both thrown onto the stage and given more drinks. It was brilliant sharing a birthday with Jack. I then cannot remember the rest of the night. It was awesome.

It’s My Birthday WAHHOOOO. The name of this post 2323232 does mean something. Today is the 23rd January, I am turning 23 and I was born at 2.32

Now that is strange. Its only going to happen once. Right.

It has been a long eventful birthday.




Day 9, Getting Engaged

NOT ME sorry!!!! Phew that could have lead somewhere else. . . Today I was thinking back to when a colleague of mine thought I was brave just because I had moved to London on my own, into a house of strangers, into an industry that can change at any moment and to a job that I knew no one. This got me thinking, its not brave oh no, its pure stupidity I have no money,  I work long hours and I live in expensive London what the heck am I doing. When I could be back home in the country working a stable job and getting engaged….

Earlier this week I read a blog on doing so many things before your 23 instead of getting engaged. I have to say that even though I am nowhere near getting engaged. I have hardly done anything on that list and I am nearly 23, I disagree with the post. I just have to point out that when I do see that certain post on Facebook a bit of what I think is my soul is tarnished away, this is because of one thing I am proud to say, I get jealous.

In the past year I could possibly count 15 friends who have either got engaged or married who are 20 something. I am positive there are millions of twentysomthings, deciding to live their life before settling, this is what I am currently doing. However I yern to marry a person who wants to share all that fun with me, and there is probably a dwindling amount of twentyomting people who have the guts to make that next move in their life and get married.

I honestly don’t see how people think getting married at 23 is strange, or making the wrong decision. Come on people out there. At that age ,It is about creating a life for yourself and for some people marriage is their first step. My auntie and uncle got married when they were just 18 and 50 years later are still as strong as ever, they have loved their life, and I am proud of them. I could not be happier to see my childhood freinds making that move and again I admit I am jealous of the path they have chosen to take. In my eyes they are the brave ones making that giant leap and who are living life to the full.

To all my friends who are either getting engaged or married this year I wish you all the best.


I am not a great person at making points, I just had an opinion on this topic that’s all.