122 It’s oveerrrrr

Noooooo the end of my holiday is over, we are now waiting for our bus transfer and we will be flying at 9 and won’t be landing in London until 1. To us it will feel like 3 with the time difference.
This holiday has been lovely, so chilled, the staff in this hotel the Louis Ledra hotel are the best I have ever encountered. The service of drinks and meals is like clock work. They are always asking you if you would like anything and then tiding up just as you have put your fork down. I would recommend this place to everyone.
We met a lovely couple from a neighbouring town of ours who is on their honeymoon so we used our last euros to send a bottle of champagne to their room after we have left.
The entertainment here is brilliant, the guys are extremely good looking which helps a lot ha. I even thought that they put on a better show then the people who were brought into the hotel to entertain.
Now back to cold England and work.
Surely pictures to follow


120 I’m on a boat …

Today we took a boat trip to Lara bay. It was a full days excursion and we sunbathed the whole day. The trip was called Wave Dancer, what I guess is that it is run by a bunch of guys. It was a very well organised and brilliant trip. As soon as we got on the boat the entertainment started. We wine and dined by the guys on the boat, they took amazing care of their customers, always trying to make you more comfortable, cleaning away your glasses straight away, carrying your drinks for you. The were so polite, kind and help full. The best staff I have ever encountered. We then reached Lara bay, where we were left to wonder or swim for two hours. In this time however the boys back on the boat had made a BBQ which was brilliant. On the way back the music got back into full swing. The French all got dancing and the atmosphere was brilliant. Such a lovely trip. If you are ever in Cyprus take that cruise.

118 hello Cyprus

So it has been our first full day in Cyprus, we are staying at the Louis Ledra Beach Hotel. Even though we have only been here a day it feels more like a week. Everyone is so welcoming and when you meet them it’s like you have known them the whole time. First of all we had a horrid nights sleep. I blame the fact that we got in about 22.30 and we fell asleep straight away, we should have kept awake as we suffered from jet lag in the night, and both woke at 2 fully awake. I listed to music for two hours then finally got some sleep.oh and it was too hot in the room, we finally found the aircon.

Today however was brilliant, we sorted out two trips for this week. Then we sat in the sun all day, it was about 25 degrees and yay I can say I have tan lines whoop. We needed the day with margaritas, bingo and pub quiz. Whoop living the life. Actually yeah we are it’s so relaxing and great to be with mum.

Bring on the rest of the week