Is it just me…115

1. Is it just me who wakes up and puts Disney Frozen soundtrack on. I proceed to change whilst miming the songs to myself. Elsa, do you want to build a snowman

2. Is it just me who feels on top of the world when driving on a hot summers day, windows open and music blasting. You feel like this is life when you have your friends next to you, singing the oldies and smiles on our faces. And its only a car journey!! Maybe its just the sun.

3. Is it just me who puts my socks on inside out because I do not like the feeling of the seam on my toes.

4. Is it just me or is Jimmy Carrs laugh the most annoying noise.

5. Is it just me who is scared of the reversing noise of big lorries. Warning vehicle reversing….Sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it.

This blog is about me, the niggly things that I do that I am sure other people do not understand however we all have them in our own unique ways.

What is your Is it just me, do you have any the same as me?



114 The lonely Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

1. Japan- Their culture just fascinates me. Its a country way ahead of the world. Whizzing into the future of lights and colour.  It just looks crazily funl.

2. San Francisco

3. Africa-Malawi, When I was younger I raised a lot of money for schools in Malawi




Yes they are very unspecific, but I have to start somewhere right! Its a big world and I want to see as much as I can




What I do not like about Restaurants and another awful Laura Review. 105

Firstly what really gets on my nerves at restaurants is that now they expect you to pay for the different elements of your meal. Nowadays you cannot order a proper meal. It is all individually priced. So you pay £7 for a Burger then you have to pay for chips  separately then anything else you want is more additional charge. I think it is ridiculous. When I go out for a meal I want it for one price with the whole package. What ever happened to Burger that came with chips and a side salad!!!!???? Anyone else think the same?

Ok so now to the restaurant. I went to Hot Pink in Wimbledon tonight, Jackie and I had a weekly meet up and decided to treat ourselves. First impressions were good, Lovely inviting staff. The two lads were very welcoming and told us about the menu and showed us to our seats. We were not given cutlery though, had to nick it from another table. Anyway. It was one of those annoying restaurants as I explained above. You had to order a main dish which was either beef, chicken or salmon, veggie. then you would order sides. Yes it added up. What was even more annoying was the size of the portions. I ordered chicken skewers and only got two small sticks. I thought they would come with some veg on the stick but nope just a stick of chicken. It tasted ok but it was only chicken, if I had wanted that I would have gone to Nandos. Then I ordered some rice with lentils, it tasted good but again was a tiny proportion. My third and final thing I ordered was some flat bread with houmous. That was the best thing.  Altogether it came to £16. Yes that can be a good price but for the size of the meal it was terrible. Not going back there again. Sorry.

I am slightly Dyslexic and I find spelling Restaurant really difficult, and I have to spell it alot usually and I tend to spell it Resturant oh well they must guess what it is anyway.



104: My Bad but Good show Tv review.

Believe : To me it is a hit new American tv show that has been given terrible advertising and crappy channel to be aired on. Yes only three episodes in and it is quite predictable. Equilibrium, disequilibrium and new equilibrium. Very old school, yet it still has me captured, by not giving up all it’s secrets. In the third episode you are just receiving important back story. I love episodes where they can weave eras. You have good cop bad cop then the middle area where you just don’t understand why they are there. Then the two main characters, first Tate, who the main character has still yet to learn is her dad. He is well hot. Got me at that point. Bad guy too. So needs a good person, here comes the main character Bo. A little girl who has the FBI and every police officer after her. She has magical powers. That’s about it.
If you are like me and love fantasy, syfi drama you will love it. I am addicted already.


Tiredness has nearly knocked me out, somehow 103!

It is Sunday, that is a fact. My mind and body does not believe this one little bit, it has now curled up into a ball after having been worked non-stop for 6 days. Tomorrow will be its 7th then another 4 more days. However I got the most fantastic txt off my boss.

– Hope you got back ok, Thanks so much for everything. Do not come in on time  tomorrow, Please have a lie !

Then another

Great News, Thank you, Come in late Please Tomorrow.

Well I have always been one to follow rules, and I have to do what my boss says. Thank goodness. So here is to a full 10 hours sleep. Whoop.



So 101

Hurray I got asked back for another series, at least I have a few more months of job security. Not just that. I booked a weeks holiday in between contracts so just looking for somewhere to relaxing and unwind, oh and my mums coming too.

Needs to be hot, near a beach, not too far on the plane, maybe 4 hours, from London, all inclusive, between £400-500.

Any ideas?

DAY 100 . . . Whoop

I cannot believe I have blogged for 100 days. I never knew how long that felt until now. The amount of emotions that I have been through since the start of the year is staggering. I am usually a person who gives up on things but I am determined to keep this diary up. However my paperback diary has lagged behind. My blog was never about how many subscribers I could get, but for those of you who do follow me and maybe skim my terrible spelt writing, I have to thank you. My blog is where I have found a place for my thoughts so I do not have to keep them in and drive myself crazy. SO thank you for reading my blabbing.

It was because of this blog that I went to Rome,

I figured out where to take my mum for her special day

I got to express my anxiety so it did not feel as big as I imagined it.

This blog is helping me so much, making me feel lighter, to get a lot off my chest, that I would not be able to speak out loud.

I found that a blog is like a quite individuals voice. And I have only just begun to shout.


And now onto today! A lovely wake up time of 4.30 this morning. NOT. I was at the studio for 5.15 picking the equipment up. It was a great day in the end. The weather was perfect, I have caught the sun, my cheeks are burning :(. The lesson for the day was to make sure the camera guys get sun lotion on. They are the ones out all day in the sun and should get protected. Camera guys are a strange species, hm that could be a blog title. I think for the future blogs I might not put ‘Day 101 . . .’ and so on. Maybe just the number in the heading???

Anyway I got home and because the weather makes me happy I decided to make a cake 🙂

Cake makes everyone happy.

Night and thank you again, here is to another 100 days!

Day 96. . .I found myself agreeing



I love all the books above and this picture really made me laugh. At the time I was reading Maze Runner, it has been on my Kindle for about a month now and I have not got been in the  mood to get past the first page. I found it really slow and after a few more chapters I am struggling to get into it. There has just been no drama yet just all explanation. However I am going to carry on reading only because the film is coming out.

Day 95. . . Being home

Home is where the heart is.
My heart seems to be in a million places but one piece always stays in my hometown. It is where all my family live, we are a very close family always around at each other’s houses. I mainly come home now to see my little cousin Mia. She is only 10 months and has already started walking and climbing the stairs. It is amazing to see such a little thing walk she is adorable. What aches my heart is not being able to watch her grow up. I miss many months when I am in London and when I come back for the weekend she has changed so much.
Then I always see my aunts and uncle. The first lot are when I go and see Mia, the second lot are just around the corner. They are the elders of the family ever since my grandparents died when I was young they and my mum became the head of the family and I hold them very close to my heart. I always call them aunt and uncle before their names like aunty sue and uncle joe. I think it makes them seem extra special to me.
Yeah so my home time is always about family. I think I get home sick in london, a tad lonely. I am from a huge family and being so far away from the people who I love and they love me is hard. Every month I try and take a weekend back home just to get my family fix, and it was very much needed this weekend.



Day 94. . . North

Four and a half hours later and I am home home, back up north. Today has been long, work was a mixture of feelings, excitement of a new challenge, happiness because we finished early, annoyance that we had to pack the kit away, even more annoyance that I got another camera in to set up, anger because some kit is lost and I have no clue what so ever what happened to it as it is something that you would have noticed, crying (again) it all got too much for me, tiredness as my day is going to be even more longer by traveling home.

But that was today. It all begins again in a few days time, I now have two days to do what I want. However I have to thank chris again for being my shoulder to cry on, it’s strange when you meet someone who is just so nice that you get along with so well. He really makes me feel better And listens to me. I do not know why he puts up with it. I am great full for his friendship.

Anyway yes at home now, my mum had made a bath for me with candles and bubble bath. Baths have become a very treasured aspect in my life. And now I am in my lovely bed. Oh how I miss my duvet cover. I am going to sleep well tonight.