114 The lonely Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

1. Japan- Their culture just fascinates me. Its a country way ahead of the world. Whizzing into the future of lights and colour.  It just looks crazily funl.

2. San Francisco

3. Africa-Malawi, When I was younger I raised a lot of money for schools in Malawi




Yes they are very unspecific, but I have to start somewhere right! Its a big world and I want to see as much as I can





Day 98. . . Take a break

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?


I put the pro in procrastination, especially when I was at uni and still now at work. I would rather be doing something else than what I am supposed to be doing. However you have to get on with it. This is how I got through UNI.

At University you get used to the word deadline and the stress can make you quite ill when writing your essays. The main technique that everyone should take on board at uni is… do not leave it until the week/night before. Give yourself  TIME, there is nothing worse than stressing and making yourself ill if it was your fault in the first place for delaying it.

When doing the research for my essays I always found it easier to write up my quotes that wanted in books and put them into a folder. It was just easier to hold a book and write than type. Plus I think I was hoping it would go into my brain, plus tidy work meant tidy mind.

Highlight the important parts was another reason I wrote my quotes out. Colour coo-ordination helped in a lot of my essays. Either it be co-ordination with the different paragraphs or a different colour for how important the quote is and where it will go.

Timing in the day,  Again TIME but this is more YOU time. Yes you will Procrastinate but if you Take a break you will be less likely to drift off. So how to make this work… Set a goal time, maybe 2 solid hours of work,  no Facebook or any other distractions. Then have your break, do what you like, plus it won’t hurt. Rest your eyes and mind. This goes with anything, Any job . . . TAKE A BREAK. You do not know how refreshing it can be, Deep Breath…

PLAN EVERYTHING- even if it is little, as long as it written and done you won’t have to worry about it. MAKE LISTS, lots of them 🙂

Drink TEA, I find it helps.






Day 72. . . My best friend


Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

Name : Jackie Bradley (She does have a fair few middle names one of which I know is Louise but I have no clue about the others).
We met at 6th Form, for the first few week we never crossed paths I spent the first few months on the other side of the common room alone with no friends. Then one day I found myself in a place called Mordor yes like Lord of the ring. It’s where the Indy people hang out and they were not cool back then.
I am not sure why we became friends I would think it was because we shared a lot of interests mainly Harry potter. She is the perfect best friend for me, she loves to talk and I love to listen, if I had a quieter best friend it would be the worst friendship oh so quite.we just get along like long lost sisters.
After 6 ish years we are still going strong even with uni between us we now live just across the road from each other without even meaning too. This friendship was meant to be. I don’t know what I would do with out her.
Now we both live in London, we meet up every Tuesday for a cuppa and chat. There is many more wonderful things I would love to say but can’t put them into words, And that is my best friend Jackie.