Day 66… Fivefriday

Yes it is time to do a fivefriday seen as I am actually up to it.

1.I do not think you have noticed but I love youtube. I am giving my number 1 spot to a person I watch weekly. Zoella! She just suppressed 4 million viewers, then whilst walking around the shop looking at magazines that I never buy I see Zoella on the front page of  Company magazine and have to buy it straight away. Go over to her channel she is a sweet amazing 23 year old who is a sensational youtuber…

2. Finally found a place for afternoon tea! It is a place that I have filmed at once. It looks like a great place for cakes, and I got the champagne deal…Well it is not a deal, I decided to spend a little for once. So it is £34 each but I really wanted to give my mum a treat.  Yay my mum is coming to visit

3. TAX it is a pain in the butt however today was a shock a brilliant shock. Two weeks ago I was paid for a job that I did last year which I knew would be flagged up by HMRC and it did. I got a letter saying that they knew I had two jobs, which I dont. So I rang the people at HMRC to get it sorted only to be told  that I am getting a better deal with my new tax code and i did WHoop!!! £16 more 🙂

4. Finishing Divergent….Well I never, what a shocker, please do not read if you like sad endings. I found it such a wonderful book right until the author decides to kill off a character (not naming them due to spolierrs). I cannot wait till the films comes out though .

5. Happy News


Day 49…I confess I have a book habit !

bookIt has come to my own attention that I have a really bad habit when reading. If you do not know already I love to read fantasy trilogies Harry potter, hunger games, mortal instruments to name a few. The thing is by the time I get to the last book or near to the end I just can’t keep reading . . . . And why I do this is a mixture of weird things.
For example at this moment in time I am limiting my reading of Allegiant, the last book in the Divergent trilogy ( which I am loving) . I think it is something inside me that does not like the turmoil of the huge plot twists that is thrown into the last book. I want everything to be fine with the main characters yet they are ripped apart, I just want to be happy IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR . I spend many pages skimming for some hope, I miss out all the little chitt chatt just wanting to get to the nittygritty hoping that it will have a good ending and with 68% left of my book yes % I don’t think I can carry on. Yes I really want to find out what happens, it is such a brilliant book but I don’t want to put myself through the pain and loss of what might happen.
You may think this is an overreaction ( I also never finished To Kill A Mockingbird due to the same reasons, I still don’t have a clue how it ends). I have a similar habit with films. Call me crazy but with some films I like to know how the film ends before I go watch it myself. Another example I did not want to go and watch Gravity because the whole lost in space thing scares me until I made myself read the whole plot on wiki, now I feel like I want to go watch it.
I will finish my book slowly it is such a wonderful read I just don’t like sad endings 😦 I CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT ON FILM.  I will also know what happens.

Yes it’s strange but I get into books  wayyyy toooo muchio.

I can do it!

Day 36 Back to Reality


And so my life is back to normal just like that. I still have a few days off work so I decided to spend them at home up north! I feel like I have had no time to stop and rest, my feet are sore and I have injured my knee from all the walking so the next few days all I am concerned about is my own well-being. I am having a slight writers block this evening, I know what I am going to write tomorrow, I am also going to re-edit my About section. So now I am just going to let you ponder the movie trailer for Divergent. I love the books! I am looking forward to see how they are portrayed in the films.



Day 24… Dear Blogsphere

Dear Blog

Today was the last day of this series filming and one that I was worried about from the start of the year. I can recall being terrified of what would happen when my contract came to an end. Worried that I would be jobless, that I would have to move back up north, try and find a person to take my room. It really stressed me out. However here I still am, Yes it was the last day but I am back in on Monday for another 3 months!!! I was asked back to do another series, it was a huge weight off my chest. All that worrying at the start of the year and I am fine now for another few months. So here is my Fivefriday

1. Finding smiley faces in objects. I found these faces this week. 😉

20140119_182807 20140124_152837

2. My birthday- I turned 23, I have wanted to be 23 all last year only because Runners are able to get more jobs because car insurance is somehow cheaper!!! Yay more jobs. My mum and dad gave me a lovely Micheal Kors watch as they are sick of me getting a new £20 watch every three months. Below is a picture of my birthday cake 🙂


3. Getting so drunk that I don’t remember half the night!!! NEVER AGAIN I think it was embarrassing, I cant remember how I got to my friends bed so waking up next to them was a shock. They did in the morning explain what happened… I was carried out of the bar by the bouncer after being sick in the toilet, I could not walk, had to get a taxi home with two friends who thought it was a good idea if I stayed at their house so they could keep an eye on me. They changed me into PJs and gave me a hot water bottle!!! Pretty good friend there. I am never getting like that again. I have at least two hours of memory that is blank.

4. Divergent- Well what can I say. This book has captured me, all I want to do is curl up in a corner and keep reading. It is very action packed. I would say that is it getting repetitive but it is a thrilling read. I would have had the characters be older, knowing their age makes it seem less realistic. It is a keeper. Please read.

5. Feeling proud and not worried… This is a strange one, but to think 24 days ago I was so terrified that I was not going to have a job right now and to have a job is something short of an achievement for the week.




Day 10… Five Friday

It is that kinda day again guys…friday-i-love-you1

Even though I only have one day off as I am working Sunday, I am looking forward to the sleep in tomorrow. So here are five things that were on my mind this week.

1. American Hustle, If you have not seen it yet I think you should. One reason, it has 5 amazing actors who know their craft well, plus I am a big sucker for anything Jennifer Lawrence is in (aka I love the Hunger Games). Another reason is when a story line that has no action what so ever can hold a whole audience for two and a half hours with just the plot, you know you have got a stunner. It goes to show that there are some amazing writers out there, and actors who don’t need huge CGI explosions. Just some tacky reveling clothing and hairspray.

grid-cell-29683-1389196118-19 mockingjaymovie

2. I am an avid fan of film adaptions, and this year is pulling out all the surprises. I have to speak honestly. I am a huge fan of all those teen books. You know what I mean and Hunger Games is at the top of my list. This year showcases two books similar to HG, Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Maze Runner by James Dashner, which are both set in a dystopian world of our own. And the biggest hype for myself is the next installment of HG, MockingJay pt1, which I can’t hold in my excitement for. So if you are like me and love your books and films, why not give them a try, I am , or you could head over to the links below to find more adaptions happening this year

3. A video that has really made me laugh this week

4. The Tomorrow People has come back to our screens after having a revamp from the UK’s seventies version to a sparkly updated American series. The plot was rather predictable, it was a fun easy watch but what really captured me was the CGI of the teleportation. I can’ t begin to think what stress it was filming those scenes. I am balancing on the boarder of whether or not I am wanting to carry on watching, I will see how the next episode goes.


5. Photo of the week. I spent my Friday night babysitting, and their cat always loves to fall asleep on my lap. Poor little kitten.

Night love L,