Day 77… London Driving Rant

The one thing I feared when getting a runners job in London was the fact that I would have to drive. Especially since turning 23, as it means I can apply for more driving jobs even though now the age is going up to 25 !!! who would still want to be a runner at that age ( prob me). Up North it is a known fact that driving in London is stupid, I am not sure if it is the same consensus down here.  But it scares the buttons off me.  Not just that though. I can drive fine. Its that it will most probably be driving a van. Living up north you get used to driving, it has to be learnt otherwise you wont get out of your own back garden. I have a lovely little car Peugeot 107. Tiny little thing she is, perfect for someone who does not have that much spacial awareness.

That all changed recently, more precisely in the past two week. I can proudly say I have navigated my way through London in a van. It was a tricky start, on my first drive through London I stalled the Van more than 10 times. It was embarrassing, but the next day it only happened twice… Today only once :).

The other thing I am oblivious about in London is the bus lanes….We don’t have them where I live, so I am always asking the person next to me if I am in the right lane or not. Then there is the masses of signs…How are you supposed to read them all. And another thing, traffic lights half way around roundabout. I just do not get that. The first time I ever came across one I nearly went through it at red ha!

Parking today was hilarious, I can not park to save my life, Try to  park my 107 without being squeamish it a tough one. So today when reversing into a parking bay with lots of men un loading another van was hell, they would whistle when I got close to the other vans. It was pressure. But I did it and walked out of the van with my head held high. Then went into sweet mode and thanked them all.

London is just huge, there are too many roads and congestion is a pain. There is not bother driving anywhere unless like me you have lots of equipment.But I beat a fear that I had been dreading for ages. Its not too bad but I would not rush to it again anytime soon. Give me an Add Lee any day.

Best day ever, got to eat two plates of stake!!! I was starving.

I did love driving my big blue van, It was two weeks old, had then new 14′ plate. Was awesome.