Day 46. . . Ultimate Job


I know many people who work in jobs that they hate,finding it is a chore, they just work to pay the bills. I feel that I am lucky, I did not want a day to day job and was determined to get into an area that I would love to work in the rest of my life. If I had any choice of job in the world that would fulfill me, it would Film Director. I don’t think I will actually achieve it but I am sort of closer than many. I might make it to TV Director one day but films seem to be where I dream of working but finding  my way into film is turning out to be difficult. I have an amazing job at the moment on a great entertainment show, I love it. Being on set filming is such a brilliant rush, it is stupidly long hours and low pay but I love my job. My next step is finding a job in a Drama production, I will keep looking in film too. If you do know of anyone looking for a Runner/ Junior Camera Assistant/ Production Runner/ AD Runner/ Anything Please feel free to contact me 🙂

Oh to become a Film Director, having thousands of people watch your work, to create a phenomenon to sweep cultures. Having people want to go watch a film that I directed, and watching my name scroll up that cinema screen. That it my dream.

And it will probably stay in my dreams forever.



Day 36 Back to Reality


And so my life is back to normal just like that. I still have a few days off work so I decided to spend them at home up north! I feel like I have had no time to stop and rest, my feet are sore and I have injured my knee from all the walking so the next few days all I am concerned about is my own well-being. I am having a slight writers block this evening, I know what I am going to write tomorrow, I am also going to re-edit my About section. So now I am just going to let you ponder the movie trailer for Divergent. I love the books! I am looking forward to see how they are portrayed in the films.