Day 75…

A few things on my mind….

Frozen- I have finally out of being bullied watched Frozen… It was such a lovely story, my favorite was Olaf he had some great lines. The songs were pretty good too. I cant get Do you want to build a snowman out of my head.

Catching Fire- OH my day, it comes out on DVD tomorrow… I just do not live anywhere near a place that sells it 😦 my life needs to be complete.

Work- I had some freelance work today on another programme. I worked it last year and today was the first day back for them so I helped out. I forgot how much I loved it at that place and how different a days work is there to where I am now. Its the start of a very long busy week. I am even starting with a cold which I am not happy about.

Diary- I realized yesterday that I have not written in my Journal for nearly a month… I do not know where the days have gone. I am uber busy. Even finding time to write a little blog everyday is becoming difficult. Yet I have more determination to carry on this blog every day, as I can fill in my journal anytime.

So yeah tomorrow starts another week of horrendous filming… I love it but it is going to be hectic. Do you remember the week were I had the brake down at work, well thats going to happen again… I mean the week not the break down I hope.