Day 24… Dear Blogsphere

Dear Blog

Today was the last day of this series filming and one that I was worried about from the start of the year. I can recall being terrified of what would happen when my contract came to an end. Worried that I would be jobless, that I would have to move back up north, try and find a person to take my room. It really stressed me out. However here I still am, Yes it was the last day but I am back in on Monday for another 3 months!!! I was asked back to do another series, it was a huge weight off my chest. All that worrying at the start of the year and I am fine now for another few months. So here is my Fivefriday

1. Finding smiley faces in objects. I found these faces this week. 😉

20140119_182807 20140124_152837

2. My birthday- I turned 23, I have wanted to be 23 all last year only because Runners are able to get more jobs because car insurance is somehow cheaper!!! Yay more jobs. My mum and dad gave me a lovely Micheal Kors watch as they are sick of me getting a new £20 watch every three months. Below is a picture of my birthday cake 🙂


3. Getting so drunk that I don’t remember half the night!!! NEVER AGAIN I think it was embarrassing, I cant remember how I got to my friends bed so waking up next to them was a shock. They did in the morning explain what happened… I was carried out of the bar by the bouncer after being sick in the toilet, I could not walk, had to get a taxi home with two friends who thought it was a good idea if I stayed at their house so they could keep an eye on me. They changed me into PJs and gave me a hot water bottle!!! Pretty good friend there. I am never getting like that again. I have at least two hours of memory that is blank.

4. Divergent- Well what can I say. This book has captured me, all I want to do is curl up in a corner and keep reading. It is very action packed. I would say that is it getting repetitive but it is a thrilling read. I would have had the characters be older, knowing their age makes it seem less realistic. It is a keeper. Please read.

5. Feeling proud and not worried… This is a strange one, but to think 24 days ago I was so terrified that I was not going to have a job right now and to have a job is something short of an achievement for the week.




Day 10… Five Friday

It is that kinda day again guys…friday-i-love-you1

Even though I only have one day off as I am working Sunday, I am looking forward to the sleep in tomorrow. So here are five things that were on my mind this week.

1. American Hustle, If you have not seen it yet I think you should. One reason, it has 5 amazing actors who know their craft well, plus I am a big sucker for anything Jennifer Lawrence is in (aka I love the Hunger Games). Another reason is when a story line that has no action what so ever can hold a whole audience for two and a half hours with just the plot, you know you have got a stunner. It goes to show that there are some amazing writers out there, and actors who don’t need huge CGI explosions. Just some tacky reveling clothing and hairspray.

grid-cell-29683-1389196118-19 mockingjaymovie

2. I am an avid fan of film adaptions, and this year is pulling out all the surprises. I have to speak honestly. I am a huge fan of all those teen books. You know what I mean and Hunger Games is at the top of my list. This year showcases two books similar to HG, Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Maze Runner by James Dashner, which are both set in a dystopian world of our own. And the biggest hype for myself is the next installment of HG, MockingJay pt1, which I can’t hold in my excitement for. So if you are like me and love your books and films, why not give them a try, I am , or you could head over to the links below to find more adaptions happening this year

3. A video that has really made me laugh this week

4. The Tomorrow People has come back to our screens after having a revamp from the UK’s seventies version to a sparkly updated American series. The plot was rather predictable, it was a fun easy watch but what really captured me was the CGI of the teleportation. I can’ t begin to think what stress it was filming those scenes. I am balancing on the boarder of whether or not I am wanting to carry on watching, I will see how the next episode goes.


5. Photo of the week. I spent my Friday night babysitting, and their cat always loves to fall asleep on my lap. Poor little kitten.

Night love L,


Day 3 It’s Friday… Well I never!

HAPPY FRIDAYWhere did this week go, well on Thursday I did go around thinking it was Wednesday and completely missed a play date with my little cousin …Ups… I blame not wanting Friday to come, My last day before I head back down to the big smoke.

I feel like I have let you down today Blogging world. I had planned to write a short little review on Sherlock, but it is still sitting in the drafts gathering dust, I shall however blow those cobwebs away this weekend. Today has been a lesson though. That if I am wanting to blog everyday in 2014 I need to PLAN and Stop PROCRASTINATING.

However I have seen that people do a Friday Five… So without planning I will do mine off the cuff now, Here are the top five things that have made my week.

1. I thought it was fantastic ( blog to follow)

2. This might be strange to you, but taking a suitcase that is overflowing with more clothes than I brought home with me could be a bit of a struggle,  it was luck I found these bags in Pound-land… my luggage will never be the same without them. MORE ROOM! AND A POUND.

3. This quote describes my blog well.

4. Having a day where I have nothing to do does not come around often. After a few hours, I thought back to my days at university where I was busy 24/7 stressing over essays and never having spare time. The little time I did have I played The Sims. It happily passed what you only wanted as 30 mins of downtime to 4 hours wasted. Hazar! I have time to play.  I go to my Sims box only to find it empty, but after some research I found out that the lovely people at EA and Origin have a way in which I can play online/download it for free, as I still had my Sims Booklet. So number 4 is a big thank you to EA and Origin (who ever else is involved) .

5.  Running out of things that have made my week interesting….

One more…just one. Strange again. I have been looking for Candy-corn for years, we just don’t sell it here in England, I thought it was banned, I have been in to every American sweet shop I pass in the UK and had given up. Until shopping the other day walking past another sweet shop I wondered…maybe… And BOOM I felt relief more than anything, it has taken years but they are now in my hands. In the end they don’ t really taste of anything good but sugar.

Now all I have to say is sorry for this blog, I hang my head in shame, I will do better.

Night L