Day 65… Daily Prompt: Time After Time


Traditions are huge in my family, anything done at least twice on occasion becomes a tradition. For example my mums Shepard pie on the nights I came home from uni. My Tuesdays nights at my best friends house a cuppa and chat. Sleeping in till 10 on a Sunday and my dad wakes mum and I up with a cuppa on the bedside. The biggest however is my families Christmas tradition. The day is shared with my family.

Every year since before I was born my family has gathered either at my aunties, or my parents house at 11 on the dot to spend a few hours together exchanging gifts. It is the one day I really look forward too in the year. One time I see my whole family on one day and in one place. The day starts out with mum, dad and I opening our presets whilst we Skype my family over in New Zealand. Then at 11 we either go to my aunts or everyone comes to ours. After a few hours everyone but a select few disperse to their partners families to finish their day. The select few which include my aunty, uncle, and sometimes cousin join us for Christmas dinner. We sit around pull crackers and eat till we  pop. It is just the perfect day.

The Christmas just gone however, the cousins of the family decided that they wanted to do Christmas with their own families, being the youngest of the cousins and no family of my own I was not apart of this decision. When I found out my perfect day was not happening I got really upset and angry. How could they change a tradition that had been started by our grandparents. So this year mum dad and I took our time to open our presents. No one came around to exchange gifts. Thankfully my cousin invited us over to his house for dinner otherwise it would have been a lonely Christmas just the three of us. It was not the same. It seems to be a tradition that has after all these years has outgrown our family. I just hope one day I can start it again with my own family.





Day 41 ?Good Fences?

Having a bit of writers block, thank goodness there is a blog called Daily Prompt! This one is from a few days ago and really takes my interest.


Who are your neighbors? Are you friends with them, barely say hi, or avoid them altogether? Tell us a story — real or invented — about the people on the other side of your wall (or street, or farm, or… you get the point).

I live in London so do you really think I know my neighbours? All I know is that the people on one side get up early and slam the front door when they go out to work. The other side I don’t hear or see. It is quite sad. On the other hand, the house that I really call home, back up north in a small town called Carnforth, is where neighbors are everything. You know everything about next door, three doors down and even around the corner. I miss that.

My family house sits on a quiet estate, on the left a couple in their 70s who do not look their age. Our house bellows over their little bungalow and it’s garden is their gem. When they go away they entrust us to look after the garden, we collect their post and put it in to a neat pile on the stairs.When they return, we are given gifts for caring for their home, usually biscuits or cake. We both grow veg in ours gardens and give to ours neighbors generously.

Now the other side, the right side, holds a lot of memories and friends. Firstly the people who used to live in that house years ago. The Simons, the three young brothers ran riot in that house, and circles around me. We would have so much fun, playing for hours, our favorite summer game was to run through the water from the hosepipe. One of the boys, Nathan was not just my neighbor, he was my classmate and really good friend.  Then suddenly he got really ill, the playing stopped and they moved across the street. In a few months I lost my neighbor and my friend. He was too young to die. I kept going around to my old neighbors and played with Nathans brothers, we sang Elvis songs and played UNO and Kirby till it went dark. A house never stays empty for long, we gain a new neighbor, this one an elderish lady and her adult daughter. Norma was a ex-teahcer, this was the best thing ever… I would go around more than twice a week to get help with my homework, we would bake cakes for each other, my dad mowed their lawn. Her daughter Judith, is the kindest person you would ever know. They are both like family. We help each other, look after one another. A few years ago Norma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it is strange to watch someone you went to help for as a child become a child herself, so distant and fragile. I do not think she would recognize me today. However after all these years she still knows my dad. I don’t think anyone has neighbors like ours, they are the best kind. It would be amazing to find some like them in London, someone I could trust , people we could call family.

I don’t think I have portrayed my story well, I could go so deep into why neighbours are important. They are the security of the street, they are there when you need them. And that’s just from one house.




Day 24… Dear Blogsphere

Dear Blog

Today was the last day of this series filming and one that I was worried about from the start of the year. I can recall being terrified of what would happen when my contract came to an end. Worried that I would be jobless, that I would have to move back up north, try and find a person to take my room. It really stressed me out. However here I still am, Yes it was the last day but I am back in on Monday for another 3 months!!! I was asked back to do another series, it was a huge weight off my chest. All that worrying at the start of the year and I am fine now for another few months. So here is my Fivefriday

1. Finding smiley faces in objects. I found these faces this week. 😉

20140119_182807 20140124_152837

2. My birthday- I turned 23, I have wanted to be 23 all last year only because Runners are able to get more jobs because car insurance is somehow cheaper!!! Yay more jobs. My mum and dad gave me a lovely Micheal Kors watch as they are sick of me getting a new £20 watch every three months. Below is a picture of my birthday cake 🙂


3. Getting so drunk that I don’t remember half the night!!! NEVER AGAIN I think it was embarrassing, I cant remember how I got to my friends bed so waking up next to them was a shock. They did in the morning explain what happened… I was carried out of the bar by the bouncer after being sick in the toilet, I could not walk, had to get a taxi home with two friends who thought it was a good idea if I stayed at their house so they could keep an eye on me. They changed me into PJs and gave me a hot water bottle!!! Pretty good friend there. I am never getting like that again. I have at least two hours of memory that is blank.

4. Divergent- Well what can I say. This book has captured me, all I want to do is curl up in a corner and keep reading. It is very action packed. I would say that is it getting repetitive but it is a thrilling read. I would have had the characters be older, knowing their age makes it seem less realistic. It is a keeper. Please read.

5. Feeling proud and not worried… This is a strange one, but to think 24 days ago I was so terrified that I was not going to have a job right now and to have a job is something short of an achievement for the week.




Day 2323232

23 Today!

23 Today!

This is technically the 22nd and 23rd blog all rolled in to one mainly because they did!

Yesterday was hectic at work very busy and long. All on my mind though was I have no shoes for the wrap party. Luckily I have the bestest friend in the world and she went shopping hours before she was going traveling to get me some heels whilst I was at work. How these days rolled into one was a fun one at that. It was our wrap party, a huge celebration for finishing filming. We all got glammed up together at the studio, and partied hard throughout the night. As the minuets counted down to midnight, Jack and I watched the seconds melt away, as it would be both our birthday. When it became the 23rd we jumped, screamed and ran to the bar! The next moment Happy Birthday comes over the speakers and we are both thrown onto the stage and given more drinks. It was brilliant sharing a birthday with Jack. I then cannot remember the rest of the night. It was awesome.

It’s My Birthday WAHHOOOO. The name of this post 2323232 does mean something. Today is the 23rd January, I am turning 23 and I was born at 2.32

Now that is strange. Its only going to happen once. Right.

It has been a long eventful birthday.




Day 9, Getting Engaged

NOT ME sorry!!!! Phew that could have lead somewhere else. . . Today I was thinking back to when a colleague of mine thought I was brave just because I had moved to London on my own, into a house of strangers, into an industry that can change at any moment and to a job that I knew no one. This got me thinking, its not brave oh no, its pure stupidity I have no money,  I work long hours and I live in expensive London what the heck am I doing. When I could be back home in the country working a stable job and getting engaged….

Earlier this week I read a blog on doing so many things before your 23 instead of getting engaged. I have to say that even though I am nowhere near getting engaged. I have hardly done anything on that list and I am nearly 23, I disagree with the post. I just have to point out that when I do see that certain post on Facebook a bit of what I think is my soul is tarnished away, this is because of one thing I am proud to say, I get jealous.

In the past year I could possibly count 15 friends who have either got engaged or married who are 20 something. I am positive there are millions of twentysomthings, deciding to live their life before settling, this is what I am currently doing. However I yern to marry a person who wants to share all that fun with me, and there is probably a dwindling amount of twentyomting people who have the guts to make that next move in their life and get married.

I honestly don’t see how people think getting married at 23 is strange, or making the wrong decision. Come on people out there. At that age ,It is about creating a life for yourself and for some people marriage is their first step. My auntie and uncle got married when they were just 18 and 50 years later are still as strong as ever, they have loved their life, and I am proud of them. I could not be happier to see my childhood freinds making that move and again I admit I am jealous of the path they have chosen to take. In my eyes they are the brave ones making that giant leap and who are living life to the full.

To all my friends who are either getting engaged or married this year I wish you all the best.


I am not a great person at making points, I just had an opinion on this topic that’s all.