Screw Daily Blogs!!!!

That is it, I have made the horrid decision to stop daily blogging. Firstly because when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is eat, shower then sleep, Not think about what I need too write. Secondly my life is not that worth blogging about everyday. However I still want to blog, therefore I have come up with the solution to do a blog every third day. So today I will do one as I did not do one on Friday or Saturday. So here it is!!!

Friday- Well today was a better day at work. It was long, Dan and I were the last ones out of the studio at 7 and met the crew in the pub for a well earned drink. But only a quick one as I rushed home to see Jackie. It has been ages since I have seen her. Oh My friends and I have finally booked Disney Land Paris for New Year YaY. That means one of my New Years resolutions is finally been kicked into gear. I am not spending New Year at home whoop…

Saturday- Saturday is such a great word. Especially when you are not working. I had to fit my whole social life into one day and this is how it went.

– Breakfast with Jackie

-Essential Shopping

-3 hour bike ride around Richmond Park with Sam, Dan and Jack

-I had to do some laundry

-Meal with friends which was an awesome catch up

-Matt Richardson comedy night which was bloomin funny. Go watch him on his next tour you will laugh till you hurt!

However it was also a sad day in my household because my Budgie Ben died. He was 14, such a old bird, he had a great life was looked after very well. We shall miss him very much. Love you Ben.

Sunday- I was up and raring to go this morning at 5, Yes I only had 4 hours sleep but no rest for me. I had to work. It was a really brilliant day at work absolutely loved it.  Its such a great crew. And so night for tonight. I need to catch up on some sleep me thinks.

Day 17…Back in England

bathroom-graffiti-now-youre-fucked-e1303566295145Sorry for the people out there who have not had a daily rant off me for the past few days, I am a busy little woman working away on location with hardly any internet to string three words together.

I would be doing a Five Friday today a proper one, where you wonder inside my brain at the strange and delightful things I have encountered. However I am unable to tell you most of it ha! Lets just say it has been an eventful week. As I like fresh starts I would be happier starting a good blog for you tomorrow when I am fresh and wide away.

Anyway seen as I have a little bit of energy left (and I do mean a wee bit) I thought I would give you one thought that has been running through my mind. however crap!

I do a lot of traveling around the UK and there is one name that seems to follow me around where ever I end up… Kimberly Clark. You out there who are thinking maybe its a college or a famous celebrity I must stop you there… I would say that every person, mainly female would spot this name a fair few times in your life. Now every time I run into this name I do laugh, how on earth has this name taken over the world of toilet tissues dispensers…… I know you are now thinking I am completely off my rocker. But this company is in ever ytoilet I have been in lol.

Anyway some interesting facts about them.

Kimberly, Clark and Co. was founded in 1872 by John A. Kimberly, Havilah Babcock, Charles B. Clark, and Franklyn C. Shattuck, well there you go it is not a woman’s name.

They own Kleenex

They have around 56,000 employees

But most of all they have a Royal Warrant!!! Royal families are familiar with this name too.

I don’t understand how they don’t have any big competition…I know that was a strange rant but it has been going through my head for years to go and find out who Kimberly Clark really was, so CHECK on that one. Tune back in tomorrow for something with more quality than toilet humor.

Ok that was a stupid blog, shows the tiredness.

Night x

Day 10… Five Friday

It is that kinda day again guys…friday-i-love-you1

Even though I only have one day off as I am working Sunday, I am looking forward to the sleep in tomorrow. So here are five things that were on my mind this week.

1. American Hustle, If you have not seen it yet I think you should. One reason, it has 5 amazing actors who know their craft well, plus I am a big sucker for anything Jennifer Lawrence is in (aka I love the Hunger Games). Another reason is when a story line that has no action what so ever can hold a whole audience for two and a half hours with just the plot, you know you have got a stunner. It goes to show that there are some amazing writers out there, and actors who don’t need huge CGI explosions. Just some tacky reveling clothing and hairspray.

grid-cell-29683-1389196118-19 mockingjaymovie

2. I am an avid fan of film adaptions, and this year is pulling out all the surprises. I have to speak honestly. I am a huge fan of all those teen books. You know what I mean and Hunger Games is at the top of my list. This year showcases two books similar to HG, Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Maze Runner by James Dashner, which are both set in a dystopian world of our own. And the biggest hype for myself is the next installment of HG, MockingJay pt1, which I can’t hold in my excitement for. So if you are like me and love your books and films, why not give them a try, I am , or you could head over to the links below to find more adaptions happening this year

3. A video that has really made me laugh this week

4. The Tomorrow People has come back to our screens after having a revamp from the UK’s seventies version to a sparkly updated American series. The plot was rather predictable, it was a fun easy watch but what really captured me was the CGI of the teleportation. I can’ t begin to think what stress it was filming those scenes. I am balancing on the boarder of whether or not I am wanting to carry on watching, I will see how the next episode goes.


5. Photo of the week. I spent my Friday night babysitting, and their cat always loves to fall asleep on my lap. Poor little kitten.

Night love L,


Day 3 It’s Friday… Well I never!

HAPPY FRIDAYWhere did this week go, well on Thursday I did go around thinking it was Wednesday and completely missed a play date with my little cousin …Ups… I blame not wanting Friday to come, My last day before I head back down to the big smoke.

I feel like I have let you down today Blogging world. I had planned to write a short little review on Sherlock, but it is still sitting in the drafts gathering dust, I shall however blow those cobwebs away this weekend. Today has been a lesson though. That if I am wanting to blog everyday in 2014 I need to PLAN and Stop PROCRASTINATING.

However I have seen that people do a Friday Five… So without planning I will do mine off the cuff now, Here are the top five things that have made my week.

1. I thought it was fantastic ( blog to follow)

2. This might be strange to you, but taking a suitcase that is overflowing with more clothes than I brought home with me could be a bit of a struggle,  it was luck I found these bags in Pound-land… my luggage will never be the same without them. MORE ROOM! AND A POUND.

3. This quote describes my blog well.

4. Having a day where I have nothing to do does not come around often. After a few hours, I thought back to my days at university where I was busy 24/7 stressing over essays and never having spare time. The little time I did have I played The Sims. It happily passed what you only wanted as 30 mins of downtime to 4 hours wasted. Hazar! I have time to play.  I go to my Sims box only to find it empty, but after some research I found out that the lovely people at EA and Origin have a way in which I can play online/download it for free, as I still had my Sims Booklet. So number 4 is a big thank you to EA and Origin (who ever else is involved) .

5.  Running out of things that have made my week interesting….

One more…just one. Strange again. I have been looking for Candy-corn for years, we just don’t sell it here in England, I thought it was banned, I have been in to every American sweet shop I pass in the UK and had given up. Until shopping the other day walking past another sweet shop I wondered…maybe… And BOOM I felt relief more than anything, it has taken years but they are now in my hands. In the end they don’ t really taste of anything good but sugar.

Now all I have to say is sorry for this blog, I hang my head in shame, I will do better.

Night L