So 101

Hurray I got asked back for another series, at least I have a few more months of job security. Not just that. I booked a weeks holiday in between contracts so just looking for somewhere to relaxing and unwind, oh and my mums coming too.

Needs to be hot, near a beach, not too far on the plane, maybe 4 hours, from London, all inclusive, between £400-500.

Any ideas?


Day… 56 – On the Afternoon Tea search

Look what I found Thats my job done! Or it makes it twice as hard with even more choices.

So the first one this evening is – Thames Afternoon Tea Cruise,

As the name suggests you are taken upon a boat and given a tour down the Thames. This is a brilliant idea. I found it on Last minute. com. It is an hour and a half journey and whist you are on board you get a full afternoon tea cakes and all for £33 for TWO!!! this is an amazing deal. I just worry about the quality of cakes… Cake has to be good. It is a winner so far but it is only day two.


Secondly…  Afternoon Tea at Harrods for Two

Another Last Deal here. It is more elegant than the cruise, a little bit more expensive £58.00 but being in Harrods I expect good quality food. A whole day could be made of this trip looking around Harrods. The Tea takes about 2 hours which is a great amount of time. Maybe it is worth the splerge!

indigo tea stand

Lastly for the evenings pondering… Another big one, Marriott County Hall- South Bank

All I have  to say is look at the web page. It seems too good to be true. It has a grand view over looking the Thames, London eye and Parliament. The cakes just look amazing. With the deal I found it is £55 for two people. Which I think is brilliant for the quality we will be getting.  I just have a feeling this one might be booked up. It seems very high-classed.

Tomorrows plan is too look on groupon for those cheapies. But tonight has been a good night of Afternoon Tea Research!




Rome Plan!

So I have made my itinerary for my days in Rome,

Sunday- Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Capitoline Museum

Monday- Vatican ( Sistine Chapel, St Peters Basilica) , Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain

Tuesday (Before I go back) I need something little to do, in the morning, possibly either near the main station or near the airport? Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you,

Night again,



Day 29! I am going to Rome !!!!!

Dear Blogsphere,

I did it, I actually booked tickets to Rome, I am off for a single trip to visit the historic city. I have booked the flight and hotel, I even got a lonely planet pocket guide to help me on the way.
This makes me excited and nervous, I can’t wait to see everything I am just unsure how I am going to cope on my own. I am fighting my fears and saying yes for once.
The places that I am wanting to visit in my short two days.
Roman forum
Spanish steps
Trevi fountain
Capitoline museum
St. Peter basilica

I am not sure if i can make it around all of them in two days but I am going to try.

If you have anywhere you think I should go or any information that I need as a solo traveler, any tips on getting around would be great. Especially getting to the Vatican would be appreciated.

This feels like a huge adventure lets hope I can do it.