Screw Daily Blogs!!!!

That is it, I have made the horrid decision to stop daily blogging. Firstly because when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is eat, shower then sleep, Not think about what I need too write. Secondly my life is not that worth blogging about everyday. However I still want to blog, therefore I have come up with the solution to do a blog every third day. So today I will do one as I did not do one on Friday or Saturday. So here it is!!!

Friday- Well today was a better day at work. It was long, Dan and I were the last ones out of the studio at 7 and met the crew in the pub for a well earned drink. But only a quick one as I rushed home to see Jackie. It has been ages since I have seen her. Oh My friends and I have finally booked Disney Land Paris for New Year YaY. That means one of my New Years resolutions is finally been kicked into gear. I am not spending New Year at home whoop…

Saturday- Saturday is such a great word. Especially when you are not working. I had to fit my whole social life into one day and this is how it went.

– Breakfast with Jackie

-Essential Shopping

-3 hour bike ride around Richmond Park with Sam, Dan and Jack

-I had to do some laundry

-Meal with friends which was an awesome catch up

-Matt Richardson comedy night which was bloomin funny. Go watch him on his next tour you will laugh till you hurt!

However it was also a sad day in my household because my Budgie Ben died. He was 14, such a old bird, he had a great life was looked after very well. We shall miss him very much. Love you Ben.

Sunday- I was up and raring to go this morning at 5, Yes I only had 4 hours sleep but no rest for me. I had to work. It was a really brilliant day at work absolutely loved it.  Its such a great crew. And so night for tonight. I need to catch up on some sleep me thinks.